The 2 Simplest Ways to Get Ahead With Your Writing

Doing These 2 Things Every Day Will Help You Achieve Consistent Growth

N.A. Turner
Sep 27, 2018 · 4 min read
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“You can have it all… Just not all at once.” — Oprah Winfrey

I’ve written about it before and so have many other authors. Consistency is key to get ahead with anything. Whether you want to start a business, write a book, climb the corporate ladder, or learn to play the piano.

For the sake of this post, let’s focus on writing. Once you’ve established your writing goals and developed a plan, it’s crucial to act.

Most people want it all, and preferably all at once. To quit one’s job and dedicate their time fully on their craft. Or perhaps they want a number one bestseller like yesterday. Or tens of thousands of free website visitors after a month of hosting their website. Well, isn’t that realistic?

Of course not, things take time and most of all dedication. I believe that if you consistently work on two specific elements every day, you’ll gradually get ahead and move towards your goal.

#1: Complete 1 Creative Goal Every Day

I’ve noticed a crucial thing the past few months. Usually, I haphazardly wrote a few hundred or thousand words. I crammed out a blog post in an hour between work. However, there was no structure, no plan.

I had no clear routine yet. Inspired by Stephen King’s book ‘On Writing’, I decided to sit down every morning and write 1,000 words in my upcoming novel. I’m finally making some real progress!

Read the lessons I learned from ‘On Writing’ here:

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes every morning at nine o’clock sharp.” — Somerset Maugham

These words by Mr. Maugham couldn’t be more true. In 2,5 months I’ve completed seven chapters, outlined my book, developed ideas for multiple sequels and written two short stories as ‘origin’ stories to the book. Talk about progress!

I’ve implemented one hour of writing in my morning routine. I get up a bit earlier, shower, exercise for 10–15 minutes, meditate, set my goals for the day and then I write.

Set yourself one creative goal every day. Make it a habit. Follow through. It can be writing blog posts, short stories, a book you’re working on, as long as it’s creative.

If you have extra time on your hands, set up another creative goal. Reflect every week and month, see how much you can achieve my doing something every day.

#2: Complete 1 Growth Goal Every Day

When you’ve written something, you preferably want people to read it too. This doesn’t just magically happen.

Just as you can set yourself at least one creative goal every day, you can set yourself a ‘growth’ goal every day too.

Here’s a list of goals I might have:

  • Research more about writing and publishing
  • Develop an eBook to help people successfully build their writing career
  • Setting up an infrastructure for people to subscribe to my newsletter and receive free ebooks
  • Make and develop social media posts
  • Send emails to other writers and blogs to connect, reach out and hopefully get published or linked back to
  • Submit my stories to contests and publications
  • Gather sales and reviews for my book
  • Research keywords people look for related to (short story) writing and adapt my blog posts accordingly
  • Follow and interact with people on Twitter
  • Etc.

I could go on for a couple more pages. These growth goals change every week, but they always support my monthly goals.

And, through consistency, I’ve noticed my number of views going up, the number of followers to increase across my channels, growing interaction with other authors, my stories getting published or linked to on other blogs, getting advice from other authors, writing more blogs post, etc. And everything I learn, I can share. It’s awesome.

So, just as you can complete one creative goal every day, complete a growth goal too. You’ll notice that things start to shift and grow. Every day you can get one step closer to your goal. If you look back half a year from now, you’ll notice you’ve achieved insane results.

Maybe consistency is magic after all.

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Are you (sometimes) stuck with your writing? Do you have trouble producing more blog posts, short stories or making progress with your novel? Don’t know how to reach potential readers?

I understand how you feel. Get my free eBook: “Successfully Develop Your Writing Career”. Receive the 20 Strategies to Improve Your Writing, Have Abundant Inspiration, and Successfully Start Building Your Platform.

This guide will help you counter all of those problems. This advice is what I wish I’d known before I started out writing and publishing myself. It’s a road map to structurally and consistently write, produce articles, seek an audience and expose your writing​

Thanks for reading 😃

What do you do to get ahead with your writing?

Please note: this post contains affiliate links.


How to be your best self.

N.A. Turner

Written by

I write Black Mirror-esque short stories and share writing & freelancing tips. Amazon best-selling author. Free eBook with writing tips:


How to be your best self.

N.A. Turner

Written by

I write Black Mirror-esque short stories and share writing & freelancing tips. Amazon best-selling author. Free eBook with writing tips:


How to be your best self.

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