The Boy Who Could Hear Your Thoughts — Part 1

A Superpower That Could Drive You Crazy

“Creepy blurred photo of a person's face and a furry hood” by Ehimetalor Unuabona on Unsplash

(Note:- I’ll be using italics to represent the mind’s dialogues.)

I woke up one morning to face the piercing sunlight entering through my windows. I pulled the pillow and covered my face with it. After a few seconds of stillness, I sprang up from my bed, gasping for breath.

Pillows are suffocating”, I thought.

I crawled to the window and shut the curtains. I sit there for a few seconds with my hands on my knee.

I took a breath of exasperation as my mind said, “Why do mornings exist!

I stretched my arm across the desk, searching for my phone. “Where is the damn phone! Aha! There it is!

I turned it on and checked the time. It was 9:21 AM. “Shit! Not again!” I had once again missed my weekend class. Anyways, I didn’t care the least about it.

After all my morning chores, I stepped into my slippers and walked down into the hallway and into the kitchen. I hugged my Mom and walked over to the kettle. “She’s smelling bad today! I hope she hasn’t put on that ointment again!”

“Good morning sweetheart!” said Mom, in her usual upbeat mood. “Lazy dog! Sleeps all day and gives a damn to his own work!”

I was startled for a moment. “Mom?! What did you just say?” “Nothing dear! Your ears must be ringing! Of course they will! Don’t clean them and they’ll end up falling off your head!”

“Mom! What’s happening! I do clean my ears everyday!” I yelled. “Has she gone crazy! She never talks like this! Unless she’s in a very, very bad mood!”

“But I did not say anything about your ears! What the hell. Is he hearing my thoughts? Or maybe I’m just imagining it. Or maybe he is. Oh shit! Give it a hell. I’m doing these dishes first!”

I was stunned. The glass in my hand fell down and smashed into a million pieces. My hands were shaking as my palms felt sweaty. I didn’t know what was going on. Despite of my Mom yelling at me for being an irresponsible idiot, I stood awestruck. My mouth was wide open.

I could still hear my Mom criticizing me. In her head or with he mouth, I do not know. But it was happening. I was hearing her thoughts!