The Main Difference Between Rich People and Poor People

It is in their way of thinking.

Petra Ivanigova
Jan 25 · 3 min read

There is a difference between rich people and poor people in their way of thinking. The secret is to work smart, not hard.

We all have 24/7 but the trick is to invest our time wisely.

# Rich People Think Big. Poor People Think Small.

Rich people have a vision. They know what they want and find a way how to do it. They are able to see a bigger picture and plan on a long-term basis.

Poor people have a tendency to plan short term. By making themselves busy with plenty of little tasks, they lose the ability to focus on important things. The unimportant tasks do not become important even if they spend a lot of time doing them.

# Rich People See Opportunities. Poor People See Obstacles.

Rich people have a positive mindset and this allows them to see the opportunities. They are able to invent new ways of making money. They are not the smartest people on the Earth but are willing to take the risks. Money is natural reward for the risk no one else is willing to take.

Poor people often see a problem in every solution. They have always an explanation why is something not possible and this limits them from being rich.

# Rich People Are Committed To Be Rich. Poor People Wish To Be Rich.

Rich people invest their time in making money. They mind their own business and do not compare themselves with anyone else. They study and take a job to learn, not to make money.

Poor people study to get a job in a good company and have security. They enjoy the benefits the company has to offer and patiently waiting for a promotion. They wish to have more money and keep talking about it.

# Rich People Play To Win. Poor People Play Not To Lose.

Rich people never diminish themselves that something can not be done. They are focused on the goal and do everything to reach that goal. They play with the cards they have to win.

Poor people are scared to take a risk or lose. Playing it safely keeps them in the same circle.

# Rich People Make Money Work Hard For Them. Poor People Work Hard to Make Money.

Rich people get an education not to find a job but to understand how business works. Accounting. Law. Taxes. Financial literacy. They know a bit from all important fields.

Poor people studied to be an expert in one field and lacking on the education in other fields. After a couple of years, it makes difficult for them to change the career or start something completely new.

# Rich People Acquire Assets. Poor People Acquire Liabilities.

Rich people are financially literate. They understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

An asset is something you own and a liability is something you owe. Assets help you to generate money and liabilities will cost you money.

Rich people collect the assets and make them work for them. Like saving accounts, investments or owned properties for rent.

Poor people invest their money into liabilities. Like loans or mortgages.

# Rich People ‘Create Their Life’. Poor People Believe ‘Life Happens to Them’.

This is the main difference in their mindset.

Rich people believe they create their own destiny and do everything to achieve it. Actively pursuing their goals and dreams. They face their problems.

Poor people believe their destiny has been written somewhere in the stars and they are not able to change it. They go with the flow and run away from any obstacles.

“Success will be within your reach when you start reaching out for it.” — Stephen Richards

At the end of the day, it is not your education, work experience or family background that sets your future. It is your mindset.

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