The One Book That Will Change Your Life

And allow you to live by different rules.

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7 min readNov 14, 2019


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If you are open, the universe will conspire to bring you the right book at the right time — when you need it.

A friend will suggest a book to you, or it’s sitting on a table at a yard sale, or the cover catches your eye as you walk by the endcap in your favorite bookstore. A book will come across your path right when you are ready to meet it when the wisdom within its pages speaks to a particular problem you’re struggling to solve.

I feel fortunate for books that find me at just the right time and spell out ways to simplify my life and underscore my values. Magic happens when you are open to learning something new and ready to take it in and implement its wisdom into your life.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, by don Miguel Ruiz, is the book that found me just when I needed it.

I’ve internalized its knowledge and wisdom over the years.

It is one of five books in my library I revisit at least once a year to remind me of what is essential for living my best life — these four agreements.

I think about them often, and when I need a reminder, I’ll pull out the pocket-sized abridged version I carry with me.

The results that come from the mindful practice of these agreements are a more manageable life and more control of your life.

They bring you back to a place of personal power and get you out of reaction mode.

Living in a reactive state is not healthy, nor is it coming from a position of strength.

Being reactive to unfortunate events — even if it is just someone cutting you off in traffic — is a draining way to manage life.

Perspective is how you handle the roller coaster of life we are all on and how one maintains balance.

So many little things throughout our day are out of our control.

Mindfulness and awareness are the keys to re-conditioning our brains to a place of…



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