The Oxy’s and Negative Press

I’m tired of the Oxy’s getting negative press. You know, the medication that gets abused by people that don’t need to be taking it.

Some of us wouldn’t get through the day without them. Some of us go to responsible doctors who monitor our medications closely and who prescribe our medications carefully.

I’m one of those people. If medical marijuana were legal in the state I live in I would probably give it a try. But it isn’t. So for now I don’t have many options. I’ve tried every pain medication legally available to me with minimal success. Occasionally, I get some relief from the Oxy’s.

I get that there are plenty of people out there that take oxy’s beyond the time that they are needed. All I can say is, “Thanks a lot for ruining it for those of us who really need it.”

Nobody really understands RSD. And it’s hard to explain. It’s rare and incurable. Hard to treat and even harder to live with.

I don’t appreciate unsolicited opinions and advice. I try to receive it graciously, but it is getting harder and harder. I want to say, “Have you ever had an ant bite? Try hundreds of ant bites, burning 24/7, for 68 months.” But instead, I say, “That sounds interesting.”

Photo by Hans

So I use the Oxy’s when I’m at my wit’s end. And guess what? Even people that know me well say, “Be careful that you don’t become addicted. Isn’t there other option’s? Surely there’s got to be natural pain killers out there.”

As an RN, I take regular “drug holidays.” I wean myself off medication every three to four months to assure that my body doesn’t become dependent upon pain medication. What I have going for me is that RSD isn’t very responsive to pain medication. So I’m not compelled to take it very often. But there are those times when I’m desperate, and I think that Oxycodone just might take the “edge” off the unrelenting burn that is going on.

And when pain medication doesn’t do what I hope it will I’m a mess.

Pain is powerful. It affects your ability to think, focus, and concentrate. It’s emotionally draining. It affects your ability to sleep. It intereferes with your relationships, activity, recreation, nutrition, and mental activity like reading.

Sometimes I just need to know I have an option available to me. Living with pain can be very lonely.

So the next time you hear about the Oxy crisis would you please think about people like me who don’t abuse the drug, but who depend on it to get through the day. And think more kindly of people who are suffering from chronic pain. If they are like me they desperately desire to be understood and not judged.