These are a few of my favorite things…

And, a wish list for a few more

Nicole Akers
Nov 22, 2019 · 5 min read
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ood writing may be produced with good tools.

If writing is your job or even your favorite pastime, it is important to have good tools. It’s not a guarantee, of course, but the odds improve greatly that good tools produce good writing.

Sure, it takes talent too.

And, probably some of your favorite writing apps and programs. I’m not sure I could live without Grammarly, Hemingway, Otter for recording writing ideas while I’m on the go…

But, those aren’t what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about my favorite technology.

I’m a Mac fan. It’s okay if you love something else, but after I made the investment in my MacBook Pro several years ago, I won’t use anything else. I’m also an Apple fan. Actually, we like Apple so much that the whole family uses Apple products. We enjoy the way our devices connect and talk to each other. The information relay happens with ease.

There are a few other items that make my writing life easier.

My Magic Keyboard is, well, magic. I can move it around and there are no extra cords to deal with, and no dongle poking out of anywhere. It makes my life a little easier, and all writers know that this writing life is much harder than anyone on the outside will ever see, so anything that makes life easier is a win, if you ask me.

Another thing that I enjoy is my Magic Mouse. It isn’t necessary, but it makes writing easier. I scoffed at my husband for buying it a few years ago, but now that I’ve used it for a while, I see why it is worth paying for. Again, there are no cords to deal with, and I like this a lot.

I don’t usually spring for high-priced items when there is a lower-priced alternative that performs in the same way. My husband calls me cheap, but I don’t mind paying for quality. Often I have to prove to myself that the quality is worth the price, which means I have to do my research before purchasing an item, but a well-performing product that makes my life easier is worth the expense, especially if it is something that will be used often.

There’s something else I’ve come to love, but it took a long time for me to warm up to it. Over the last year, I’ve come to stand, on occasion, as I write. As writers, we are prone to aches and pains from sitting for hours on end as we carefully craft the words we share with others. Some famous writers say they have permanently introduced health problems from slumping over their computers for hours daily, which has led to years of contortions that eventually affected their overall well-being.

Tim Denning says he loves his IKEA standing desk. Ever since I read his piece I’ve been on the lookout for one of my own. I don’t need a lot of room. A simple desk suits my needs just fine. While grocery shopping at Costco, I found a standing desk that I couldn’t say no to. It must have been a special shipment because it wasn’t among the regular items. It was in the middle of an aisle, on a flatbed cart, marked at an exceptionally low price.

I really wish I would have purchased one sooner. I’ve been going to this one local coffee shop because it has a high table and I like to stand there while I write. It’s how I wrote my recent book. People gave me strange looks because I was the only patron standing while writing. Many of the other customers were also writers, but they smiled and shook their heads at me.

This particular desk has up to four programmable heights that can be programmed for an appropriate response with the touch of a button. I do wish the buttons were on the side instead of on the workspace because I often hit a button while writing and my desk moves higher or lower at random. The benefits far outweigh this con.

I’m not cramped in a chair and contorted to use my computer. I can move freely and stretch whenever I want to do so. I’m also burning more calories and logging more steps. These are bonus effects I hadn’t planned on receiving. Tim Denning says his writing output is faster and more accomplished because of his standing desk. I completely agree. My writing is produced faster and easier because of my standing desk.

It also means that I have to wear shoes. Standing for long periods of time requires good support for your feet. Thanks to Jordan Gross for the recent tip that working from home is more effective when we put shoes, not slippers, on our feet.

I stretch and move more too. It’s easy to get sluggish when we stay in one place for too long. If we don’t move, at least a little bit each hour, we can become stiff and sore. I’ve not been a big fan of moving with regularity because it’s usually difficult to get back into the groove of the workflow. It is easier for me to take short breaks that allow my body and mind to recover before returning to do more work. My productivity has increased at least 2X, probably closer to 3X.

Getting more done quickly is something I think everyone desires.

Wrapping up my workday with a feeling of accomplishment is a great way to end. And, my mind is able to focus on and prioritize the tasks that lie ahead.

What are your favorite pieces of technology that make your life or job easier?

Inquiring minds want to know —

And, if you write a wish list of your own, what are you dreaming of adding to it?

For me, it’s a good headset, so my hands can be free during coaching and mastermind calls, maybe some AirPods, and Scrivener.

What’s on your wish list?

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Nicole Akers

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Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.


Make tomorrow better today.

Nicole Akers

Written by

Happy Mom of 2 bringing you amazing tips on parenting, travel, & lifestyle with a touch of humor & sarcasm | 🐶 Mom | Founder of Publishous. Keep that smile.


Make tomorrow better today.

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