True Confessions Of A Daily Walker

Richard L Armstrong
Feb 1 · 4 min read

True Confessions Of A Daily Walker

I walk because I should.

I’m seventy-six years old. Feal like sixty! But I deal with health challenges. Mentally healthy, I say. Some question my assumption. My mind is alert. My thinking and questioning conclusions are ‘in gear.’ I walk because I should.

Walking is man’s best medicine. Hippocrates

Here is my disclaimer before I begin.

I’m retired, so I have time to walk. Do not assume I’m demeaning you for not walking. I realized I did not have extended times to walk when employed, so don’t sweat it! Now I got my disclaimer out of the way, let us begin.

Nagging health issues remain for me.

I must deal with them, or the health issues will deal with me. My Health issues are my reality. My blog tag-line is; Choices Made~Make us. Thus it is incumbent of ME to live what I preach. So I walk because I should. I tried the gym scene but was uncomfortable around all those sweat drenched fit bodies. Plus driving to the gym fifteen minutes away was a waste of time.

Continue reading to discover my nagging health issues.

For me, I live beside a farm lane which is a little over a one-half mile long. My wife is older than me and needs my care. Walking on this farm lane means I will never be more than fifteen minutes away from her. Eureka! Plus, walking has no financial cost. Double Eureka!!

My Cardiologist

On a recent visit to my cardiologist, I ask him. “Doctor, I cannot lose excess weight, why?”

“Richard, what did your dad, grandpa look like at your age?”

“Short, fat and bald” I replied. I like my cardiologist. But his next words were disconcerting to me.

“Don’t fret, Richard, your shape and weight are hereditary.”

Driving home my first thought was; so there is nothing I can do about my weight. Huh, no way was I going to let my deceased dad’s and my grandpa’s girth demand I should mimic their body size.

I’ve been walking 3–5 days a week for the last six years but not until August of 2018 did I write a goal for my walking miles. I walk because I should.

Okay, you want to know my goal for this year?

I will maintain a daily average of 2.5 miles each month this year.

See my daily average totals for the last six months

August -.94 miles

September -2.8 miles

October -3.3 miles

November -3.0 miles

December -2.6 miles

January — 3.6 miles

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Still thinking a regular walking schedule as underrated for a healthier lifestyle?

I have the app on my phone. ‘My fitness pal’ posted this recently. I encourage you to click on the link.

I have discovered extra benefits from walking the miles.

Walking clears the cobwebs in my mind. With each step creative juices flood my mind. My ‘thinker’ is in gear. A plan for the day’s activities takes shape.

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. Friedrich Nietzsche

I have cardiovascular disease. That’s my reality. To deny it would be senseless and could be deadly for me. I suffered a heart attack October eleventh of 2001. A total of 5 stents placed in my arteries over the next twelve years. It’s been six years since my last stent procedure. I walk because I should.

Mr. Arthur Thritis has made his home in my lower back. Arthritic pain is his name and his game is make me lame. Walking each mile distances him from hobbling me.

Back to my weight. I’m down twelve pounds since setting my daily miles goals and keeping it off even over the holidays. No, I’m not telling you my weight, that's my little secret.

Click on the link below for a short video showing the benefits of walking. This is very interesting, you will gain an appreciation for walking.

A fellow blogger, Tony writes excellent articles on the benefits of walking.

Here is a bonus to my walking ways which I discovered.

As we age, we have what I call; Bowel Movement Dysfunction. I call it, BMD for short. Sure you can swallow a pill or drink prune juice to correct BMD, but why? Instead, take a twenty-minute walk. Amazing how walking gets the bowels to work as they should. The more regular you walk, the more regular you become. I’m not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist. BMD correction is my experience. I realize you may have a medical reason for the bowel problem you have, so take this as only a suggestion.

I walk because I should. You should walk at least twenty minutes a day for three out of seven days. The wonders walking will perform for you will be tremendous. Yes, it will.

Hope this is helpful.

What is your experience in walking?

I appreciate your comments.

Thanks for reading my stuff



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