Want some peace of mind and sleep serenely? No, this is not what you think it is

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Imagine that for a day you are bereft of all your indispensable gadgetry viz. your all revered cell phone, the almighty Television, laptop, Xbox etc and any other gadgets. In a jiffy, do you not feel that you are a cursed soul; a kid weaned off from life itself; hope that lightning strikes and incinerate you instantly, or wish dinosaurs come to life and devour you? We are so much addicted to our gizmos that we cannot imagine a world without them. Not having access to our dearest hardware is surely a baffling state of affairs, isn’t it?

Under those dreaded conditions, what on earth can we hapless mortals do? Perhaps as our instinct dictates, we would duly reconnoiter the surroundings to get hands on something to keep us sane, isn’t it? In no time, the dust-laden books and magazines in the corner which you will be surprised to know that they even existed, begin to seem like a beacon of hope. You will be compelled and begin to spend quality time with your loved ones, play with pets, may be read, do some workout or take a walk, meditate for some time, gaze at the celestial beauty. I am sure, the chirping of birds would have never sounded better. Basically, it drips on you that there exists another dimension where a pristine life is beckoning if you have the audacity to escape from the tenacious tentacles of the digital ghost.

Take a step back and think what you did to reconcile from the perceived deplorable state of digital bereavement, and you realize how effectively you utilized the time. By shunning away from the gadgets, you reckon how much you started valuing the things that you thought were insignificant. Suddenly from the addictive gadget geek that you were, you became more sociable, creative, and more benevolent in that interim. You struck a chord with life, lived in the present and what’s more, like a cherry on the cake, you were successful in soothing the convoluted nerves. Because you had time to introspect, you construed the real-life values, and in essence, you made peace with yourself.

How about creating such ethereal environment every day? Sounds too good to be true? As a matter of fact, it is quite simple provided you are willing to do a small sacrifice for your own good. Ever heard of “No pain, No gain”?

Amish hour is the hour (usually the last waking hour) where you shun away from all technology.

That adaptation in time during the waking hours you make for yourself by shying away from all gadgetry is called the Amish hour. It is the hour where you break away from the incarceration that we impose on ourselves due to the digital gadgets (and thereby breakaway from the digital media too that they are a gateway to). Do you concur with me that the appellation of the “cell” phone is not without reason 😊? Incessant use of digital gadgets creates unabated unrest to the brain causing stress levels to soar which can wreak havoc on our nervous system.

“Amish are a group of traditionalist christian church fellowships. They believe in simple living and stayed away from all the modern technological conveniences.”

Look at a very common example on how we get our happiness ruined due to the electronic gadgets and eventually the digital media infiltration the gadgets open us into. Say we post something on a social media platform and an insatiable urge develops as to what others would have opined on our post. We develop an itch of constantly checking other’s reactions on our gadgets. Our happiness and peace of mind of which we were supposed to be the masters of unfortunately are in the hands of “others”. This keeps us in a constant state of fervor which is non-conducive to the nervous system.

Amish hour is a way to salvage ourselves from the digital addiction and resurrect back to the glorious self that we were once.

Amish hour helps in eradicating distractions caused due to the digital exposure; this alone brings in so much clarity. You “cleansed” yourself from the digital pollution and all the cluttering during that period. The effect is a poised suppler mind resulting in an undisturbed and a superior quality sleep.

Amish hour is usually the last waking hour of ours before we hit the bed. That is the apt time when we should abstain from using all the digital gadgets. Here are a list of things you can do:

  1. Read books that you probably wanted to for a long time.
  2. Play with pets.
  3. Meditate for sometime.
  4. Take a walk.
  5. Gaze at the sky and watch the moon and the stars.

Reading books is by far the best natural sedative engulfing you in it’s warmer clutches and prepares your mind and body for a good night’s sleep. And remember the value the last 60 minutes or so added to your life even if you spent other ways other than reading. For me, reading books has by far worked the best in that hour, not to mention about the sleep quality.

Hmm.. you say Amish hour, I say add an Amish day…

To conclude on this, how about adding an “Amish day” per week? Apart from the daily “Amish hour”, you can perhaps try having an “Amish day” per week. Weekends are perhaps the best one can plan for that day. Make a resolution that for a day you will not allow the digital gadgets to rule you. Keep all your itches and urges at bay for that day. An easy way is to leave behind all your gadgets and drive to someplace, carry some books, some sports utilities etc easy enough to keep you busy for the day. May sound a wee bit non-practical for many of us, but with the power of our will, we should be able to observe the day. Of course, nothing comes easy in the world and the “so-called” sacrifice here is for our self-improvement!! Go on, give a try!!