Want To Reach Your Goal? Do One Thing, Literally

Isaac Breese
Jan 12 · 4 min read
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For the past two years I have been running a style blog and just recently I discovered I’ve been wasting time.

The past week has simply been a ball of confusion: I’ve changed the direction of my blog, trying my hand at flipping houses, writing articles for another site.. oh, and writing on Medium.

I have too many things going on at once.

Last night I was talking with a friend to get his help on what direction I should take my blog.

He asked he a very important question.

“What’s the goal?”

This was my wake up call.

I was putting my energy into too many areas and blaming my lack of success on content instead of addressing the real problem which was me.

My blog suffered because I didn’t have direction; I didn’t understand what my goal was. I was just going without heading in any specific direction.

By the end of the conversation and after explaining how all my energy was being pulled in multiple directions he simply said.

“Pick one thing and do that.”

At the end of the conversation I realized that blogging isn’t what I really want to be doing with my life, creating content is not how I want to be making a living. It’s fun and I enjoy doing it but in the grand scheme of things it’s not a preferred career choice nor should it be

What I want to do is entrepreneurship. What I want to do is create a fashion label and build a brand. But for the longest time this hadn’t been the focus. For the longest time my goal had been put on the back burner instead of in the forefront of my mind where it should’ve been the whole time.

What’s your goal?

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In this day and age we can freelance just about anything.

We can jump from subject to subject talking about anything we want to whoever we want to. But this is the problem.

Because of the internet and because of social media everyone can create a YouTube channel, everyone can create a blog, and everyone can be an Instagram model. But none of it adds value if we don’t have a goal.

So many people want to be their own boss but no one has figured out what they want to be the boss of. We are torn between our interests running around with our heads cut off creating content for people that could care less.

So what’s the solution?

Figure out what your goal is.

If you hoped in the car and started to drive without understanding where you’re headed you would be lost.

Before you start anything figure out what the end goal is. Have a goal in mind and create a path that will lead you there.

Pick one thing and do that.

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We have so many interests and so many resources at our fingertips we think we can do all of them at once.

Why stick to one skill when you can be the jack of all trades? Right?


There is no such thing as multi-tasking. It’s a myth; It’s not real. It’s a fake ideology created to help increase productivity when in actuality it does the exact opposite.

You can’t flip between tasks and expect them to both be great. Each one will suffer in performance because you are dividing your energy between them in an effort to be more efficient.

But efficiency is not what you should be going for as a creative.

Figure out what you goal is, pick one thing that will help you achieve, and master that one thing.

Look at all the greats: Michael Jordan, Ernest Hemingway, Basquiat, Jay Z, and Tom Hanks.

They aren’t great because of their ability to take on different tasks and do them equally well, they are great because the choose one skill and mastered it until they became the best.

A Challenge

This year I challenge you to pick on thing you really want to do. Once you decide what that thing is create a goal that you can accomplish within 12 months.

But here’s the most important part; stick to it.

You can’t give up, you have to push through until the 12 months are up. We are too quick to give up because we aren’t seeing progress right away.

But what if Jordan gave up when he didn’t make varsity? What if Stephen King gave up at rejection number 30? Would we have witnessed man fly from the free throw line? Would we have the hit movie thrillers and TV shows that captivate us.

Probably not.

Just like they kept going we have to keep going. We can’t give up.

We have to dedicate all of our energy to one craft and make it our mission to perfect it. Even when we aren’t seeing any fruits from our labor we have to keep pushing and perfecting until reached our goal and become like the greats.

Thanks for reading.


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