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The quality of our life is determined by the priorities we set for ourselves. All the moments of our joy and sorrow are determined by the time allocated for various quadrants during our lifetime.

Do you love your Life?

The real question is, Are we correctly prioritising our life?

Do we really focus on what we want in our Life?

How do we really distinguish our top priorities and what are really not? Even though they appear to be important?

whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap

There was a wealthy person who was on the very last days of his life, he had four wives whom he loved very much.
This wealthy person had never parted from his four wives and also wanted them to accompany him in the journey of the afterlife, so he called them one by one believing that they will also be there during this journey of the afterlife.

He called his first wife had asked her to accompany him to his afterlife, She without any hesitation replied him that she cannot attend him to this journey, even though he had taken excellent Care of her.

She had her own duties to attend, and she loved to be independent rather than be with him on this never-ending journey.
The old man was very disappointed by the reply because he had spent a great deal of wealth in keeping her happy.

The second wife came to his side. Before the old man could ask her the same question she immediately replied that she too was really unwilling to accompany him on this journey as there was a legacy to maintain after he had passed. This was very important to her more than being with him in the journey.

He called his third wife and posed the same question, she informed him that she too had her own priorities and errands to attend, and also had a big dream, if she had assisted him in this journey her dream would not be realized, and she would always feel empty if she had accompanied him.

The old man was very depressed in listening to the obligations set by the three wives, saddened by these thoughts he called his fourth wife whom he had ignored many times but felt her need was so strong during the times of distress and his disappointments in his life.

His fourth wife informed him that she was willing to come to any great depth in the journey of his afterlife.
The old man felt happy with the reply but realising that he had indeed missed caring for her all these years of his life significantly.

The first Wife: Unconditional Self Love:

The first wife is our body, many spend plenty of riches in making his body phenomenally superior, great expectations are set for the first wife, people die to look beautiful and live to be called Beautiful.

All sort of hard work is done just to make ourselves be recognised and appreciated.
If our body is ignored, a further great deal of wealth is spent in hospitals to make it sustainable at least, but no matter even our six packs cannot make it after our grave, it always have to be decomposed or burned altogether. The journey of the body ends there.

The second Wife: Our love of Name and fame:

The second wife is our name, fame, the material riches that we had accomplished in our years of life.

We merely love history never knowing that our history is soon forgotten. Our second wife will have a dream of their own, our riches and desires remain with our followers and family to be carried by them. We can never take them with us, the journey of our second wife ends there.

After our death, we can never see them nor hear about them. The time we spend in building an empire of riches, the cars that we own, the giant television sets that we bought on loan cannot accompany us in this journey of the afterlife. The rat race towards the accumulation of riches and the love of our official designations cannot even make it after our graves, the stop sign will always be there.

Third Wife: Our most precious Family

The third wife is our family members and our relatives. Even though we genuinely care about them, they still have their own dreams and their own life. As parents, we need to understand that we are only a gateway for our kids to enter into this world.
We can never possess them as their life is different from our own. Their journey is different from our own. The path of life is different for every single person born on this planet. Only a very few accept this, they just want to possess their kids and wives.

The Fourth Wife: Our Mind and Spirit

The fourth wife is our mind and Spirit, During our journey of life, we spend little time taking caring of our mind and spirit. We accumulate piles of grudge and hatred against many in our life.

The envy and jealousy that we bear against our bosses and colleagues at work, The anger that we carry against our family and relatives make our mind and Spirit dark. We are just clouded than the darkest clouds causing huge thunderstorms.
The time spends in our personal development had suffered mainly due to the time spent in running after our three wives.
We need to understand it is only the fourth wife who can really come with us on the journey of our afterlife.
After our death, we still carry our love, our hatred our greed into our afterlife. This is called as Karma in eastern societies, The belief of us standing in front of the gates of Heaven or Hell depended upon our priorities to our fourth and significant wife.

We never question our priorities during our time on this earth, Our priorities can be anything, for some money may bring happiness, for some, it could be relationships, for other, it even could be spiritual development.

The real question is “Did we take the time in asking what is the purpose of our life on earth?”


To determine our priorities we need to understand the purpose of our life. Look at life from a broad perspective,

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” ~Henry David Thoreau

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