What Their Dating History is Trying to Tell You

Ignore the signs at your own risk

Crystal Jackson


Photo by Umur Batur Kocak on Unsplash

My dating history is a lesson in what happens when we don’t have (a) healthy self-esteem and (b) strong boundaries. There’s actually a trajectory that shows some growth, so all hope is not lost. In fact, I could tell you what I learned about myself in each relationship rather than simply sharing a laundry list of what my exes did wrong. Self-awareness paired with personal growth is certainly a point in my favor.

What Their Dating History Tells Us

But make no mistake: Everyone’s relationship history tells us something. It’s good information, and we would be wise not to just buy into their own version of events hook, line, and sinker. There’s always another side to the story, but even in its absence, we can still intuit a few things about a person from their side.

The Forever Victim

The person who blames an ex (or exes) for every relationship not working out is still stuck in a forever victim mentality. They haven’t reached the point of healing where they can take ownership of their own choices in the relationship. The fixation on how others wronged them with the absence of how they wronged others is a clear sign that they aren’t going to be mature and accountable in future…