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What To Do If You Are Stuck At Any Point Of Life.

Take a rest.

Hardik Mangukiya
Jun 28 · 7 min read

Sometimes, life is a kick in the pants. You don’t know what to do or when you’ll do the next task, you don’t feel like it. You don’t understand why this is happening.

You’ve numerous options but are confused. You’re unclear about the future.

“Being stuck” is overwhelming. And when you don’t know how to make decisions. your life will be tough.

We’ve different blocks. Sometimes, you don’t know how to solve mysteries. Others are doing great. They’ve more resources, they have got an expert team, But you lack something, and you don’t know how to do it.

It happens in each and every step. Whether you’ve to decide your career, forgetting past relationships, business issues, or beating loneliness. You need the clear next step.

Once you understand the ins and outs of why you are feeling stuck, you can easily come out from the problem.

Mind Fancies New In Confusion.

When you don’t know what to do, the mind finds ways to solve it.

It’s natural. We all discover solutions to one and another way. in this process, mind easily misinforms you. It shows the ways that seem impressive but not real, not worth investing.

Still, if you interpret intelligently, you check every situation in a different angle. You can reject any ideas that are not worthwhile. But if you don’t know the trick. You select what looks exciting.

Suppose, you feel stuck while choosing a profitable career. You don’t have any idea, or you still haven’t discovered your passion. Your mind perceives different ways that have a good business idea. You ask your friends, you google it and find profitable career paths.

You decide based on your skills and what you think best. Your mind suggests different plans according to your knowledge about that topic.

The overwhelming thing is, your mind suggests unrealistic models that are based on emotions. It’ll definitely fail. But you take it because you crave money, fame or a bright future.

Ultimately, your mind misinforms you and create a vivid picture of non-existent life situations.

In a relationship, suppose a person is not responding on time because he might be busy at the moment. You don’t know what to do and how to tell him. Now, your mind gives you thousands of examples and situations that may happen. You feel even more critical and overwhelming.

It leads to overthinking.

When you don’t have an option, your mind creates confusion by suggesting thousands of non-existent situation.

Be aware of this trick.

How To Make Decisions That Benefits.

Your actual goal here is to take a decision that benefits you. Most people get messy, they find thousands of solutions and apply nothing. Because overthinking leads to the deep wilderness. And they left the situation instead of finding clarity. and when they actually have to step up, they feel overwhelmed. It’s a waste of time.

Every life problem itself is not that powerful. We give it power. And so we feel bewildered.

The decision-making process is simple. Suppose you are stuck about your career path, or business. First, find the need in the market. Second, how to solve this need and third, what you can control?

Take a pen and paper, write why you want to do it? What and how you’ll do?

Remember two things. The situation will never be perfect, and it’s never linear and straightforward.

Once you’re clear about why. You just have to start instead of thinking about thousands of other things.

The decision isn’t wrong. We don’t take enough action to reach that level, or we make excuses.

And doing is easy, thinking is overwhelming. If you read thousands of ideas and analyze, each step is tedious instead of choosing one and stick on it.

Overthinking has one solution — just make decisions based on what you think okay and implement it.

If you don’t take action, the mind will bombard you, and you feel even more confused.

Your Actions Makes The Difference.

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.“— Eckhart Tolle

Taking action is hard because we interpret every step. It’s totally irrelevant, but still, our mind compares it with different things, and if it’s not going well, it frustrates you. You feel even more chaotic.

Once you start taking action, be clear about “why.” Because when you stuck, ask why you decided it.

If your “why” is absolutely clear, you’ll stay.

From my experience, consistency is the key. Taking constant action is not that hard. I thought three years about starting my own blog. My mind suggested different ways to do it. I jumped here to there, but I got muddled. When I solved one problem, another came out, and it never ended.

But, when I started writing on Medium. My most confusion resolved because now I’m creating in the real world. I don’t have dummy ideas, I’m actually writing blog posts.

I wrote it 60 stories on a date, and each and every story is thoughtful. Still, I’m facing a lot of problems, but I can say, my most problems have now ensued. I simplified the process.

See, real life is so simple. You don’t have to think and be perfect in everywhere. Once you know the basics, just start, with time, you discover the various stages.

I made a total of $65.37. Suppose, if I never wrote a post, what happens? Absolutely nothing, right?

Suppose if I thought.

  • My English is not good.
  • I’m a non-native English speaker.
  • I don’t know how to code.
  • I don’t know how to proofread.
  • I don’t know how to build a list.
  • I don’t know how to start my own blog other than Medium.
  • I don’t know how to write sales copy.
  • I don’t have influencer contacts.
  • I don’t know how to stand out and make it viral.
  • I don’t know..blah, blah, blah.

So, blogging requires the above skills but not on the first day.

Everything has an answer if you just have a clear next step.

Create A Simple Process.

See, everything in life is at least simpler than your mind thinks about it.

We think one situation in non-existent angles, and we decide based on emotions. We choose because we feel like it.

Career, business, or relationship, would you think you should do it because you feel like it? Sometimes, you don’t feel like it then what?

Make a simple process. You feel okay with it? Yes, then create resources. And start doing it. That’s it.

Everyone started from imperfect ideas, they didn’t know that their ideas will change the world, with time and steady action, they reached there. It’s not a miracle, it’s processing perfection.

The decision itself is not powerful at the moment. But how you take it is crucial.

If you choose anything, just make it simple, then you discover clear next step. If you think of hundreds of ways, you really feel confused and stuck.

Take A Rest.

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind-adjust your sails” — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Sometimes, your stuck point is emotional, you involved in this situation a way deeper, and nothing seems clear. You don’t make it simple. Suppose relationship problems. Than what?

You can do only one thing. Don’t mess up. I’m not saying that you should stop, no. But you can block the decision-making process and for some time, do another activity.

For example, when I feel hurt, I overwhelm my mind heavily. So, my primary purpose is not to come out from the situation, I just live with it. I know that whatever my mind suggesting needs another review. Everything is not right. My mind imagines worse than the actual situation. So, I’ve to allow everything but don’t take the decision. It’s unrealistic.

You can take a rest or find another activity. And then think after you feel okay.

Let’s Come Out Step By Step.

I don’t want to explain to you everything, You know this. So, I just give you insights. If you just know it, your mind helps you to come out.

Our mind has no pause button. You can’t freeze it. And if you leave it alone, it bombards you with unnecessary things.

People develop an addiction because of this feature. They don’t have a purpose, so they think other hundreds of things. And if they take a dangerous path, they form bad habits.

So, understand this trick of the human brain. Come out step by step.

Yes, confusion provides clarity. The best thing about uncertainty is, it gives you thousands of options. And if you’re smart, you can take advantage.

And I take it deeper, my mind presents me with thousands of solutions, but as much as I think more in-depth. It benefits me.

Let’s think clearly.


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