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What Working 52 Days In A Row Will Do To A Person

Is being burned out a real thing?

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I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning and went to a business networking event so that I could promote my Blog and writing skills to the business owners that were in attendance. I then went straight to my day job and worked a 7 1/2 hour shift. After my shift was over, I came straight home and did a quick workout at my house and then ate dinner and showered. Then I cranked out an article that I submitted to The Writing Cooperative and now I am currently typing up this article too.

I will still do a little reading when I am done with my writing before I finally call it a day. I probably will not go to sleep until around 11:30 pm. I have not had a single day off from work since Wednesday, July 4th. I have worked over 70 hours a week every single week since the beginning of April.

4 1/2 months of this.

Work, read, workout, write.

Work, read, workout, write.

Work, read, workout, write.

Tomorrow will mark the 52nd straight day that I have worked without a day off.

Allow me to explain the current state of my brain.

At One Point Today

There was a point during the afternoon when I called a customer and when they answered the phone I forgot for a minute why I called them.


I forgot why I called them and stammered for a few seconds before I went into my routine sales pitch and was able to do my job.

Dips in focus are a very real side-effect of burnout and sleep deprivation. It made #2 on the list in the article below:

After about 2 o’clock in the afternoon today, I could feel my brain and my body slowing down. It was more than just that “after lunch lull.” It felt like I was carrying a heavy weight when I was trying to get through the rest of my shift.

I felt unmotivated and lethargic.

I still had 3 1/2 hours left to work before I could go home from work.

I thought to myself…

I am so grateful that I have this weekend off!

My bachelor party is this weekend actually and I will be spending the entire weekend with 8 or 9 of my closest friends (I will write a piece on this weekend’s experiences for you guys early next week),

What I Have Learned About Myself

I have learned that I can withstand a tremendous amount of pain. I can work an ungodly amount of hours (Between my 2 jobs and my writing, I have put in a solid 15–18 hours a day during this 52-day span). I still have not given up and I have performed well for the most part at both of my jobs. I have also been able to crank out a ton of articles that have been published on Medium and I have consistently made a positive impact on many of my readers.

Somehow I am making it all work.


Even I have my limits.

There are times when I realize that I have not seen any of my friends for several weeks.

There are times where my fiancee and I have barely been able to spend any time with each other for 3 or 4 days.

It’s madness.

It’s chaos.

This is my life.

I have had to learn how to become unbelievably protective of my time.

We all get 24 hours in a day, so I do my very best to make those 24 hours count.

I have also gotten much better at knowing how to manage my energy levels.

When I can feel myself start to become agitated from being overworked, I take a few minutes for myself. I read a Blog post or think about what I would like to write about next. I might spend some quality time with my fiancee or grab a beer with a friend of mine. I have learned that sometimes it is crucial that you break up the monotony of your daily routine.

Human beings are just that. Human beings.

We are not meant to live as machines. It is easy to forget that in today’s society with how fast-paced life can be.

52 straight days of constant work has taken me to the brink at times. Internally, I can feel the weight of the world crushing me at times. Sometimes, I feel unbelievably overwhelmed. I just might not always know how to communicate that to others. Often times, I don’t want to admit that I am tired or sick of having to work so much.

But here’s the thing…

I am a lot further along towards my goals today than I was 52 days ago. The hard work is starting to pay off. I have been meeting a lot of high-quality people. My Blog has become more successful and my personal brand has evolved. My writing is making an impact on others. I have evolved as a writer. I have become an even more resilient person these past 52 days. For as little free time as I have had recently, somehow I have managed to maintain my sanity.

For the most part…

I am by no means a perfect individual.

But I learned a long time ago that I am the type of person that sets extremely high goals.

And the only way to achieve lofty goals is to work as hard as you possibly can.


Take care of yourself.

Do your best to live a balanced life.

Do not ignore the people you love or one day they might not be around anymore.

Take care of your physical health because if you end up being in poor health then you will not have a high quality of life.

52 days of constant work.

Finally, I will get 2 days off this weekend and then I will be back on the grind.

I will see you all at the top of the mountain soon enough.

Keep hustlin’

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