What’s Stopping You From Writing Every Day?

Here’s What to Do If Your Story is Holding You Back

Photo Credit: Brenda Godinez via Unsplash

We tend to think that we’re incapable of writing every day. That we don’t know enough to write. That we’re not capable of creating work that brings others to tears. But we are capable of all that and so much more.

You are capable of bringing work into the world that sparks something in others to get moving. You are capable of producing great work and living an amazing life. You are capable of being the voice of reason, of justice, of poetic freedom. Don’t let your doubts hold you back from that life because you don’t think you can or should.

What makes you a writer is the fact that you sit down and write. That no matter what, you let the world know what you’re thinking. And that you don’t care what others think because you’re better than that.

You are a writer because you are strong and because you are beautiful. You are a writer because you care enough about others to unleash your own darkness for others to see and hear and grow from too. Those vulnerabilities make you special and pure. Don’t forsake them because you’re afraid you’re not good enough because you already are great.

By unleashing your darkness, you give others light. And they need that light to become the people they know they are capable of becoming no matter what.

Will you give yourself to your readers? Will you help them grow? Or will you cower in the darkness, waiting and waiting for a moment that may never come?

The Choice is Yours. It Always Was

Don’t let your darkness hold you back from unleashing your truth. Don’t self-sabotage your greatness and let your lowest self stop you from changing the world one person at a time. Don’t give in to your fears and let them stop you from making an impact on others with your words.

You are capable of making the change you want to see in the world if you would only be the person you already are right now.

You are powerful. And your power comes from your ability to act now, no matter what.

You are enough. You have all you need to become that person now.

So stop waiting and unleash your wings and fly.

Because the world needs your voice. It needs your truth. And holding it back from others serves no one at all.

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