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When his mother doesn’t like you

Say to yourself THANK YOU for being yourself.

“brown flowering tree” by Peter Bucks on Unsplash
For not copying her behaviour on a subconscious level as so many girls do.
For not adapting to her.
For not agreeing with her words.
For not putting on the clothes she thinks you should.
For not tiptoeing around her.
For not offering your help in preparing a festive dinner when you are tired yourself.
For not being afraid to ask questions that bother you.
For not fearing to see her as a person and not as your boyfriend’s/husband’s mother.
After all, thank yourself for being a strong and highly developed person.

Indeed, it’s such a rarity when a girl stays herself in the eyes of the mother of her beloved. Especially when it comes to deep feelings for a man: you don’t want to upset him or disturb him with the strained relations with his mother or say something that is “not very well accepted within his family”.

You just want to smooth things over at once. However, real people don’t work like this. It’s not that simple in families, there are no perfect situations. And the best variant is to be a holistic person yourself.

Eventually, it’s not only your relationship this will contribute to but relations in his family as well. Everything is interconnected even though we can’t see the logic of it.

And if your boyfriend’s/husband’s mother is a grown-up person too, she will be proud of her son’s choice.

Thank you for reading one of my stories. I’m new here on Medium so it means a lot to me!