“man's facial hair” by Susmita Saha on Unsplash

When I Get Old

Just when the day wanes longer,
Legs and body not getting any stronger,
Memory short and not clear,
Times of ending days are near.

Hair turns from gray to white,
And it seems like you’re not feeling right.
When you’re hearing turns quiet
And you’re not as fit but put on a strict diet — -
That’s when I get old.

When there’s less and less of family and friends,
And it seems to wonder when will it end?
When the beginning seems far, far away after day — -
That’s when I’m getting old.

Time is swiftly moving along,
Super speed in minutes and time,
The winter years are quietly here
Those days you can’t get back or even find — -
That’s when I’m getting old.

When family multiplies even more,
One by one and generation after generation,
They are your family strong and bold
Building up of what we have left — -
This is the duty of family when I get old.

Looking back through the years
In the mirror of life it’s self
Going back in time in space
Where knowledge is like wealth — -
As I ‘m getting old.
5 Nov. 2018