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Why Am I Awake at 5AM?

And why it may not be a bad idea for you too.

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“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Benjamin Franklin

First, I am not going to try and convince you to be a morning person. So often, the ‘gurus’ tell us anyone can be a morning person and you should be one too. And, I think telling people to wake up early because I wake up early is silly.

Second, I am going to share a few things from my experiences from waking up early. These thoughts may make you want to try it out.

Third, I am going to give a seven ways waking up early might be helpful or useful to you.

And if it all sounds useful, you can try it out!

Mornings are My Time

Well, most of the time they are…

My alarm goes off around five, though I am already beginning to wake up from my slumber. I put on my cozy slippers and robe and head out to our living room and kitchen. The first thing I do is turn on the coffee pot.

Early mornings are useless without a cup of coffee.

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Next, I get my MacBook up and running. This is the time I write. Putting words to page, I get my fresh ideas and thoughts out of my head. It feels good to be creative first thing in the morning.

Then, I read my bible and pray. My connection with God sustains my day. And it starts here. I typically read one or two chapters of a book and pray through how it applies to me. It is good.

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When I wake up early, I can prepare my day. It gives me the ability to center myself and do something for myself before anyone else can ask me for something. All of these things typically happen before my wife and daughters are awake. It’s the right time for a little me time. And when I have me time, I am able to give them the best parts of me.

7 Ways an Early Morning Can Help You

  1. Connect with God. While this isn’t the first thing I do, it is an important thing to connect with God, especially in the morning. After all, Jesus like to get up early pray.
  2. Start a Routine. My morning is a routine. My routine helps me have the best day possible. If you have had a few bad days in a row, it might be the reset you need.
  3. Create You Time. Just like for me, when you get time for yourself, and use it well, it helps you to be there for the people in your life. An early morning before anyone else is awake could be what you need for your family and friends.
  4. Live Your Passions. I write in the morning. In fact, this was written before 6AM. I am passionate about writing and helping people and doing something I am passionate about right away makes the rest of the day better.
  5. Do Something New. Maybe you need a change. Life feels dull and uneventful. You feel like everyday is the same. Starting to get up early my be the change you need to see the world differently.
  6. Change Your Health. Tons and tons of people workout first thing in the morning. If you get up really early, the gym isn’t full. Or if you workout at home, you will have more time for other things. Starting to workout early could help change you health habits.
  7. Ignite Your Creativity. As I mentioned before, my writing in the morning is far easier because I am rested and creative thought happens more easily right after sleep. I know when I write in the morning I struggle less with my ideas than any other time of day.

2 More Thoughts

First, if you struggle at the thought of waking up early. Try it out for one day. If the first day isn’t bad, try a week. I do believe something special can happen for you in waking up early.

Second, waking up early is part of my productive life. I have been sharing 21 Productivity Tips over the last few weeks. This isn’t one of those tips, though it can be a start to jumping into the tips. Check them out: 21 Productivity Tips. This is a Medium series with a links to all my recent posts.

Do you wake up early? If so, what is your morning like? If not, would you consider an early morning wake up? Share in the responses below.



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