Why Not Leave Things to Chance?

Annabella Cornelly 💭
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2 min readOct 26, 2018

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I can’t call myself too responsible but a person eagerly aspiring to happiness — well, yes. And sometimes it happens that you lose yourself in daily routine, obsessing about whether this or that task is completed.

Why do you do this? In this case I don’t believe that previous losses urge us to complete all our tasks at any price, make your inner marks and win your own moral prize.

Now is fall — a tough time for many. Work is gaining momentum, you’ve just made your plans but something from the inside of you tells “I’m already tired”, “I feel like I didn’t take rest at all” and something else of the kind.

We are accustomed to live in a certain rhythm, every year celebrating one and the same holidays and dates.

I think it’s time to stop for a moment and look back — maybe it’s not the vacation’s fault, maybe you had a really nice rest with your family for the weekend, maybe you aren’t tired at all.

But answer yourself: how much do you really have to do? Like things a start to which was made even last year, but you’re still trying to finish it. Things you don’t remember but they are firmly and tangibly hanging over your head, in your subconscious.

Fall is a great time for new beginnings. But be honest with yourself — have you already let everything go or brought it to a conclusion. There is no third variant. Let alone leaving behind a goal you don’t need.

Don’t be afraid to recognize this problem in yourself cause it isn’t really a problem. You need space for life, health, serenity. Provide yourself with it — and you’ll see the life in sparkling colors but still with a note of realism.

Thank you for reading one of my stories. I’m new here on Medium so it means a lot to me!

Annabella Cornelly 💭

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