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Teachers Need A Pat On Their Back Too!

And I’m Happy To Oblige.

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As a child, I truly believed teachers knew everything! Think about it! They teach kids and even grown-ups at the big people school. It would stand to reason, they know everything right?!

As I grew up, I realized perhaps they didn’t quite know everything, but there is always just one special teacher! More than one, if it’s a particularly great school. A certain charisma is often helpful in motivating students, which makes the work more fun to do. Or, at the very least, not quite as boring or exasperating.

Fortunately, I had a few favorite teachers, throughout school.

In grade one though, after some unfortunate mishaps, I was deemed a poor fit for the school. I was subsequently asked to leave. My mother had absolutely no idea why the school admin felt this way since she had never received any calls in regards to my unsavory antics…. Which shall remain unsaid!

In other words, the staff at this particular school was ill-equipped, and I was requested to attend another school… with a teacher’s aide. No Negotiation.

It’s not like I was Hannibal the Cannibal, although I did, on occasion, bite!

Perhaps my indomitable spirit was a little too much?

When I started my new school, the teachers seemed of another caliber. my new teachers were infinitely more kind, patient and tolerant. Indeed, this was my glimpse of two very generous souls. I wanted to learn. I wanted to listen and behave. More than anything, I wanted my favorite teachers to be proud of me.

In high school, my English teacher was my favorite. She was kind, encouraging and funny too. It was in her class, that I realized just how much I liked to write. She made class interesting. I wanted to do my best, if only to see her smile and nod. To hear her encouraging words. I was quite sad when I left the school. In large part, it was her who made school worth coming to.

This was in the early ‘90’s, and my, have times changed!

Since I’m a mom, with a young son in school, I now see teachers in a different light.

When I volunteer at my son’s school, I’m aware how much work, our teachers have cut out for them. Teachers take their work home as well. My respect for teachers has grown exponentially. I make a point to always show my appreciation for their job and their unique personalities.

Teachers whom I have talked with: Their passion for children is evident in their eyes. Or how they take it to heart when a child struggles in school, which I witnessed for myself, when my own son struggled in first and second grade.

Last year, my son was in a Literacy Empowerment program. When Christmas break was to start, I decided to write his literacy teacher a poem and enclose it in the Christmas card. It was my way of showing gratitude to this particular teacher, who I knew had worked very hard to help many kids read and write. It helped my son immensely.

He is now in grade three, and so many of the staff have commended him in how just far he’s come. My son is quite comfortable in his surroundings and knows the routines. He is more confident now, and it speaks volumes. He is outgoing and friendly, with staff and students alike.

I can’t imagine my life without reading and writing. Literacy is the very foundation of education and life itself.

Let’s give our teachers a round of applause shall we?

See Me Read

Look at me,

See me read.

Aren’t you proud?

Say it LOUD!!

When I grow up,

Who knows what I’ll be…

But reading opens doors, you see…

So glad that you’re helping me,

I’m trying hard…

Can you see?

Maybe someday, I’ll go to

College or University…

Maybe I’ll even earn a P.H.D!!!

Like climbing Mount Everest,

It’s quite a feat!

Take a bow…

In the NOW!!!



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