Why You Should Visit Georgia (the Country)

Yes, I didn’t know it existed either until recently.

Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi


Image by the author

The people are…

I thought the Japanese were the kindest hosts until I met Georgians. They are enthusiastic and go out of their way to make you have a good time in their country.

Every time you enter a restaurant, they’re overjoyed to help you select local dishes. We also went to many home-run cafes where a single family works, adding a certain warmth to the place and their behaviour.

Going to shops and eating feels like nobody wants you to see you sad. They really want you happy!

Diversity in this geography

It’s new for me not to see as many Indian tourists because we are… everywhere. We’re populous and all over the world, can’t help it.

So that was surprising!

Even though I’ve been to 27 countries, I’ve never met people from Belarus, Montenegro, and North Macedonia—to name a few. There’s lots of diversity here. Maybe it’s also new to me because I hadn’t touched this particular geography before, and it's natural for people to travel to their neighbouring countries.

The food though…