You Can’t Heal a Broken Heart With Broccoli.

Iva Ursano
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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Chocolate. ‘nuff said.

I could probably just end this whole article right there with that word.

Really. Chocolate heals broken hearts. Chocolate does lots of amazing things for us. I want to kiss the person who invented it. For real.

I used to eat it every single damn day. There was always chocolate in my house. Nutella, Kit Kats, M&M’s, chocolate baking chips, it didn’t matter what form it came in. I had it and ate it.

But recently I’ve revamped my diet and the first thing to go was, you guessed it, chocolate. I could probably go down to the chocolate store and grab one of those 80% dark chocolate cinnamon sprinkled chocolate bars (ok, ya I need to do that soon).

And even though I no longer consume chocolate, I still stand firm on the fact that you need to eat it. every. damn. day. because it really does some cool stuff for your health.

So to help you out a little and give you more proof of just how fantastic chocolate is for you, I compiled a teeny fun list for you.

I get that chocolate isn’t everyone’s thing. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them I don’t eat shrimp or drink wine. We’re even.

Without further ado….

Comfort food.

Try and heal a broken heart with broccoli. I dare ya. Face it, when you’re sad, you want junk food, plain and simple. You want chocolate and cake and chips and pop, and maybe even a margarita? You don’t want fucking broccoli. Who reaches for leafy greens when they are crying a river of heartbroken tears? Amirite?

It goes with everything.

Absolutely everything. You can’t dip everything into, let’s say, mustard. Gross. Chocolate goes with sweet stuff and salty stuff. Any girl who is pms’ing knows that shit is real!!! It goes with everything. Yum. I remember the first time I saw chocolate covered red licorice. Are you kidding me? Hello!!! And chocolate covered Rice Krispie squares?? Oh sweet geezus. I want to sleep in a bed of those.

It really is good for you.

Like emotionally. When you are sad, chocolate really does make you happy (unless you’re Satan). Ironically enough, studies have been done (why wasn’t I in the chocolate study dammit?) and they concluded that it really can cheer you up and make you happy. For those who aren’t into meditating to calm frazzled nerves, and for those who don’t drink alcohol, this should be your go to happy source. It works.

Better than roses.

You heard me. Not all girls want flowers and diamonds. Ok flowers are cool but you can’t really eat them, they die in like a day and they cost way more than goodness. Bring us some chocolate and you’ll have us eating out of the palm of your hand (pardon the pun) for a long long time. Just bring it to us and if we’re mad, just throw it at us. We don’t care how we get it. Really.

Apparently it’s healthy for you too.

Some studies said that the flavonoids are good to help with heart health, lower your cholesterol level, helps liver function (wtf?) and some other stuff that I’m not so sure I believe. You tell me it’s good for me, I’m eating more of it. Plain and simple.

Have you had your chocolate yet today?

I get that not everyone can eat it either. I’m sorry for you. I hope you can find a suitable alternative. All I know is that I need it daily. Another reason that I discovered awhile back was that many people who suffer headaches can alleviate the pain by eating some. Not everyone drinks coffee or tea and chocolate has a good healthy amount of caffeine to help make your headache go away.

Another win win if you ask me.

Oh and one more reason. Saving the best for last, if you are into pouring yummy things on your lover’s body, well, nothing beats the warm, sweet and gooey goodness. Did you just gasp? Lighten up. Try it. It’s amazing.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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Iva Ursano

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