You Get a Do-over; What Will You Do With It?

Nicole Akers
Sep 16 · 5 min read
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You get a rare opportunity to walk through an experience again. It’s nothing you ever expected and you are grateful for the opportunity. You’ve gained experience and wisdom to make a better decision. Erase regrets and walk through the situation the way you wish you would have done it the first time.

What will you do with this differently with a do-over? It might just transform your life. Will you take Ayo’s Advice? Start a conversation with him about whether or not his advice fits your life. Use #Ayos Advice as a tag in your responses to this:

Ayodeji AwosikaAyos Advice

The Only Effective Key to Transforming Your Life — Curated

You make a mistake, fail to get an outcome you want or run into an obstacle.

Instead of bouncing back from that mistake or overcoming the challenge, you let that individual “failure” or setback deposit into your “failure and setback account” — meaning you add another tally to the “L” side of the win-loss column you call your life. → READ MORE.

If you don’t like Ayo’s Advice, or even if you do, write the story about how a different decision changed your life.

Michael’s Weekly Prompt

Write a story about a choice you made that you might have made differently had you known what would have happened.

In your story, please include the circumstances leading up to your choice, what you were thinking when you chose and speculate on what might have happened had you chosen differently.

See the full prompt here.

Editor’s Choice that fulfills last week’s prompt about how life is better with animal friends:

Butch, our Childhood Companion. by Lynette Clements

Butch, as far as we were concerned, was a Bull Terrier, though he was a crossbreed; he resembled a Bull Terrier in looks and he had the temperament and characteristics of that breed, so he deserved to be known as that. However, as I peer at the old black and white photographs → READ MORE.

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Last week we offered timeless writing prompts and inspiration. Join us and see what we’re up to this week.


Are You Going Through A Phase? by Selma

Mark Twain, and his weird ideas, right? He probably said that in one of his paid, humorous talks in the 1890s. But where was such an idea born? → READ MORE.

Stop Envying Others and Awaken Your Curiosity Instead by Rebecca Grant

As I sat in the airport lounge killing time before an international flight, I had a story idea. I pulled out my journal and captured my thoughts on paper before they could flee. → READ MORE.


The Dangers of Questioning Our Faith And Why We Must by Kate Maria Pennell — Curated

A group of people sat around a large table, sipping drinks and taking turns to share what they would value in a new start-up church. One guy shared how he was still looking into all this faith ‘stuff’ and my teenage daughter joined him in commenting that → READ MORE.

Warrior Mentality by Christina Vaughn: Pedi/NICU Nurse freelance writer → Curated

Fight the good fight. Finish well. Get to the finish line in one piece.

We have all heard that we need to fight.

Fight for our rights. Fight for our individuality. Fight for the underdog. → READ MORE.

How to Live a Strong Life by Jim Wolstenholm

No one wants to be weak. Whatever we do in life, we want to do with confidence and strength. How do you become a strong follower of Jesus? → READ MORE

It is Friday, a cloudy, chilly day. I’m happy, and here is why… by Richard L Armstrong

I’m still walking on the top side of the grass.

Walking and taking care of my hygiene is no problem for me. I talked to my only living brother who lives in another state this morning, meaning I still can communicate. → READ MORE.


I Got Turned down for a Dream Job Because of an Article I Wrote by Tim Denning — Curated

Changing a career is hard. There’s no doubt about it. It’s never stopped me chasing my ideal version of work, though and it shouldn’t stop you. There is another layer that I hadn’t previously experienced until recently. → READ MORE.

Practicing Generosity Leads to Happiness by Michael Horner — Curated

During a recent trail half marathon, I was trekking up one of the more difficult climbs and came upon a person who was really struggling. Hands-on knees, she would run a few yards, bend over again and I could tell her run was falling apart. → READ MORE.

How to Motivate Yourself into Doing More than You Planned by Don Simkovich — Curated

Work and family crash over you like an avalanche and your commitment to lift more, run farther or finally do that Zumba class is swept away. You feel guilty, but wait. → READ MORE.


4 Lies You Learn Growing Up by Older Brother — Curated

In the past week, I’ve heard the below statements with alarming regularity. People say these types of phrases casually, almost dismissively, towards themselves and others.

And they’re lies. → READ MORE.

How To Be A Ridiculously Likable Parent by Karthik Rajan — Curated

Why are you angry? It is not good for you” — I do not remember my mom ever saying that. Now, as a parent of young girls, it seemed the natural thing to do. So, I followed up with my mom. → READ MORE.

Radiating Enthusiasm by Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

How does one find peace and radiate enthusiasm when life sends struggles?

The question is often overlooked with the panacea of statements like: “Let it go;” “It’s all good;” or “It is what it is.” → READ MORE.

How Madrid is like Your Best Friends by Shayne Seymour

I’ve been to Spain and I kinda like the music. I like the food, love the people and easily get lost in the wonder of her historic, yet modest streets. Madrid is far from perfect, but perfect for me. → READ MORE.


As A Blogger, Here’s What I’ve Given Up To Be ‘Successful’ by Tom Kuegler

A few weeks ago I went to an Applebee’s in town and sat by myself for an hour.

As soon as I walked in I felt like everybody couldn’t stop staring at this lost soul by the bar. → READ MORE.

Who Do You Write For? by Kamga Tchassa

Embarrassed, I felt. She asked if I had clapped for any of her stories. I did a quick check, saw the story she’d sent me links to, realized I hadn’t. Not even once. In fact, I hadn’t even read the piece. → READ MORE.

No One Can Tell You How to Write Right by Nicole Akers — Curated

Writing is a journey that begins with passion and an idea, then is fostered by learning proper techniques and building upon them until mastery is achieved. Once technique and mastery are achieved, → READ MORE.

Write something great this week!


P.S. All writers need resources. Here are some of the best I’ve found. Check them out.


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Discover tomorrow’s bestsellers today. You'll say you knew them when.

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