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Your Success is My Success

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A Woman’s Worth

I’m reading Marianne Williamson’s book this weekend. The name is the subtitle of this post. What insight, people! It’s one of those books from which you take small morsels of thought at a time and chew and churn to digest the message correctly. Written in 1993 but more relevant to our lives, twenty-five years later, it’s one of those books with so much third-eye-wisdom that will resonate for ages. Thank you, Marianne!

So, this section I was reading today talks about how unspoken ‘things’ keep us ‘in our place.’ Unspoken because these cannot be found in the book of life, yet we have been passed the torch through generations by smart women like ourselves.
It’s time we forgave them and time for us to rise to the challenge of pointing them to a different place in the sky. Keep reading, please.

There are many unspoken things, but today I want to contemplate two:

-How it’s unthinkable that we could ever have it all.

-How we’ll experience heaven when we get to heaven; never heaven on earth.

Marianne writes: Even when a woman has been blessed with great abundance, she has a difficult time allowing herself to receive it all.

Why is that?

It starts with one belief.

A belief some of us carry around that blocks us from total joy. In the words of Marianne, that belief is:

If I’m too happy, too successful, too perfect, I will not be loved.

So conformity is the answer?
That grabbed my attention. Hmmm…

She enlightens us by drawing our attention to fear.

Aha! I’ve read about that malady before. Fear is the culprit once again; fear of relinquishing some strongly held beliefs.

Fear of relinquishing? Well, if something is working there’s no need to let it go, right? But the truth is, not relinquishing it is stunting us; big time.

Stunting us?

What misery, don’t you think? Wait, is that the belief you’re carrying around with you? Huh? Are you not following my thought process here today?

Let me remind you. Today we’re talking about:

-beliefs handed down to us

-fear of relinquishing such beliefs

So that belief sounds something like this: “Everybody suffers. If I let others know that I don’t suffer, and instead show that I’m just as miserable as everybody else, then they won’t hate me.”

Does your belief sound anything like that?

Gosh, that’s some heavy cross to be carrying around!

Or perhaps you don’t sound like that but know one or two women who do? Your mother, you say?
Speak up, I can’t hear you.
Yeah, your mother and friends of your big sister.

Gosh, that’s too close!

What gave that belief its place in women’s minds?

Uh hum. I hear you.
Someone stated that God, that omnipotent God, likes us better when we suffer.
That we’re worthier of His love when we’re suffering just a bit more than our sisters.
That this makes God happy because suffering keeps us in our place where we are easier to control.

Oh. My. Gosh! What delusions. I just cannot believe this is what you’re attesting to today.

Well let me tell you this, you’ve been lied to, big time.

God does not like us any more or any less, ever!

And suffering does not bring us to the front of the line where his unconditional love is concerned. Whatever gave women that idea?

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Why are you flying on that flagpole half-mast like a distressed flag?
Why not soar like an eagle if you have the wings to soar like one?
Your soaring up there does not rob me, or the rest of us, of the chance of doing the same. There is enough space up there for all of us to soar.
In fact, your soaring liberates the rest of us. It lifts us up because when you soar we soar with you.
Your success is my success.
Soar for us.

Incidentally, now that we know this, can we — once and for all — put a lid on berating, criticizing and condemning each other? Can we do that? Someone else’s success does not limit our own; the opposite is what happens.

Let’s nip that limiting belief system, let’s put our fears to rest as well. We might still be faced with opposition from someone somewhere because novel ideas need to be nurtured first. Our mothers knew no better and now it’s up to us to show them the way to the sky.

God doesn’t like us more when we’re suffering. Let’s release our minds of that bondage-mindset and set our selves free.
Heaven IS attainable here on earth.

…AND this goes for all our brothers as well.


I Wish You Miracles, Selma.



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