PUBLISH and UNLIMIT TAIL enter into strategic partnership

On March 20th, PUBLISH entered into a strategic partnership with Unlimit Tail.

Unlimited Tail has joined PUBLISHalliance as a Super Publisher publisher. PUBLISHalliance is an association of media, business, and academic institutions that supports the development and use of the PUBLISHprotocol. There are currently 16 media companies with estimated monthly traffic of around 1 billion views.

Through this agreement, Unlimit Tail, which will serve as a Super Publisher, will operate a full node of the PUBLISHprotocol in the future. In addition, we will conduct various activities such as doing fact check and providing articles to activate the ecosystem of the PUBLISHprotocol.

Unlimit Tail said, “We are very pleased with the business agreement with PUBLISH. Through PUBLISH, we will work with a number of blockchain specialized media to grow into a global information media hub that contributes to the building of mature blockchain ecosystems.”

Sonny Kwon, CEO of PUBLISH saids “PUBLISH uses a unique consensus algorithm to tokenize and applies ‘game’, which is proven to be effective in the prevention of fake news by the existence of the press. I believe that the Unlimit Tail that has been involved in the game industry for many years and the PUBLISHprotocol will be synergistic.”

The two companies have been working hard to improve the accessibility by correcting the recognition of the blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency. Through this cooperation, they will strive to advance the technology and popularize it.

About Unlimit Tail

Unlimit Tail is a blockchain project development that was established in July 2017. In January this year, Unlimit Tail launched the cryptocurrency price comparison app “BitK” and climbed to fourth place in the financial sector on the Google Play Store.

It also signed a content partnership with Huobi Korea in July last year, based on which it launched a beta version of its blockchain comprehensive portal service BitK last month.

BitK has put together comprehensive services such as service comparison, breaking news and forums in one place. It provides a variety of convenience features such as real-time asset fluctuation rate and automatic won calculation. In the future, high-end content and services such as expert analysis, AI collection information and cryptocurrency standard index will be additionally supported.

About PUBLISH, Inc.

PUBLISH, Inc. is a software service provider for digital newspaper newsrooms. Its mission is to restore financial viability among independent publishers through tokenization. Its initiatives include PUBLISHprotocol, an open source blockchain media protocol; PUBLISHalliance, a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers, and academic institutions tasked with the development and proliferation of PUBLISHprotocol; and PUBLISHsoft, a proprietary end-to-end publishing system enabling publishers to issue their own PUBLISHprotocol-based cryptographic token.