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PUBLISH enters into strategic partnership with

On 11th, PUBLISH, Inc. announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with to develop an extended Open Index Protocol specification catering to blockchain news dissemination.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on the development of a new common metadata framework specific to blockchain news dissemination and mapped to existing news standards, such as the IPTC’s (International Press Telecommunications Council) NewsML-G2.

Alexandria, otherwise known as the Decentralized Library of Alexandria, is a decentralized content library built on the Open Index Protocol (OIP).

The OIP enables users of Alexandria to search and browse a worldwide database of multimedia content indexed on the FLO blockchain and stored on the Interplanetary File Storage System (IPFS).

What is OIP?

The OIP (Open Index Protocol) achieves this by defining a standard for metadata to be included in blockchain transaction comments associated with a given file. OIP-compliant transactions can accommodate a multitude of values, from a file’s location on the internet (e.g., the IPFS) to its authorship and other editorial and technical information. The result is an immutable index that facilitates permissionless publishing, content discovery, rights management, and remuneration.

About PUBLISH, Inc.

PUBLISH, Inc. is a software service provider for digital newspaper newsrooms. Its mission is to restore financial viability among independent publishers through tokenization. Its initiatives include PUBLISHprotocol, an open source blockchain media protocol; PUBLISHalliance, a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers, and academic institutions tasked with the development and proliferation of PUBLISHprotocol; and PUBLISHsoft, a proprietary end-to-end publishing system enabling publishers to issue their own PUBLISHprotocol-based cryptographic token.




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