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PUBLISH launches ‘PUBLISHmint’ NFT platform for news media

Screen capture of PUBLISHmint homepage

PUBLISH is pleased to announce the launch of PUBLISHmint, a new B2B NFT platform capable of minting media NFTs.

The platform allows media companies to convert content, including news articles and photos, to Klaytn or Luniverse NFTs and sell them via NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Screen capture of webpage showing ‘TokenPost NFTs’, accessible via PUBLISHlink widget.

While available as a standalone service, a limited offering of the service is also available to existing PUBLISHlink users.

PUBLISHlink closed beta intermediary review

In other news, PUBLISH is currently conducting an intermediary review of its PUBLISHlink closed beta. As part of this review, media companies having distributed the most tokens to their readers during the closed beta period will be identified and compensated accordingly for their active participation in the program.

All participating companies received an initial sum of 50,000 NEWS tokens for the purpose of rewarding readers.



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