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TokenPost partners with PUBLISH to become the first news website to support crypto withdrawals

PUBLISH is pleased to announce that TokenPost has become its first client to implement its end-to-end solution for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

TokenPost Korea Edition users can now withdraw NEWS tokens by logging in and going to my ‘My page’ > ‘My NEWS’ > ‘Withdraw’, where they can enter the amount of NEWS tokens they wish to withdraw and details of the EOS wallet they wish to transfer tokens to.

NEWS tokens can be transferred to any third-party EOS wallet or exchange where NEWS is listed. At the time of writing, these include Hanbitco, Cashierest, DragonEX, and, with more expected to be added in the future.

Founded in early 2017 and the organizer of the Blockchain Open Forum, TokenPost is widely regarded as South Korea’s leading digital-native media outlet covering the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market. In March 2018, it was the first media company to issue a cryptocurrency and distribute it as rewards to users participating in a national poll.

TokenPost later expanded its reward system using PUBLISHsoft’s built-in reward system module. Currently, TokenPost rewards users in NEWS tokens (formerly ‘TPC’) for completing any number of actions, such as reading articles and leaving high-quality comments, in an effort to increase reader engagement.

For enquiries about PUBLISHsoft, please visit or email



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