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PUBLISHalliance is a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers and academic institutions. Our mission is to secure the editorial and financial independence of newspaper businesses using blockchain technology.

We will carry out this shared vision by spearheading the development and adoption of PUBLISHprotocol, an open source blockchain media protocol that promotes a participatory mode of news production and consumption.

This will be achieved through PUBLISHalliance’s collective expertise and industry presence in the fields of distributed ledger technology and digital media.

Membership benefits

Current membership benefits include:

  • Contributing to and gaining access to a news content sharing initiative.
  • Getting logo exposure at PUBLISHalliance events and in marketing materials.

In the future, benefits will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Earning token rewards for running a node on PUBLISHprotocol’s network and performing fact-checking duties.
  • Requesting changes to and contributing to the development of PUBLISHalliance-related initiatives.

Membership types

PUBLISHalliance is made up of two types of members: Regular Members and Super Publishers.

  • A ‘Super Publisher’ is an invitation-only member that contributes to the growth and vitality of PUBLISHalliance and PUBLISHprotocol’s platform. For example, Super Publishers are expected to run a node onthe PUBLISHprotocol network, fact-check articles, and contribute articles to a contents sharing initiative. Super Publishers can earn token rewards for performing these duties.
  • A ‘Regular Member’ is a non-paying member of PUBLISHalliance that uses one or more free benefits, including access to a contents sharing initiative.

Current members (Updated March 2021)

Super Publishers

Regular Members

If you’re interested in becoming a member of PUBLISHalliance, please get in contact at info@publishalliance.org



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