Jianshen Xigui 2012

Aromatic dry leaves, they smell leather and brioche, you‘d like to eat a piece.

0/ The wet leaves smell red currant jelly, leather and mint.
The first cup has a spearmint top taste, then comes some hay or grass.. fast huigan, sweet and minty flavours in the mouth but no much cooling effects.

1/ 2/ Now the wet leaves smell very much floral (i was wrong for the red currant?), there is still some of that minty leather. it’s oily, the bitterness is weak, the taste is very slightly sour. The soup has mainly a floral flavour, and a hint of grass… Unfortunately i’m not really able to describe that floral component accurately but i believe it is something between orchid and lily… when the soup gets cold is tastes more like spearmint tea… Fast huigan and you can follow its move easily. The aftertaste has that floral component, leather, spearmint; in fact the sweetness is pretty low. It’s a bit like raw mango actually and it’s also slightly spicey. A bit of astringency and salivation at the time. 
The floral aroma persistency is really impressive, it’s still very present after a long while, not just a past yun.
I can feel some energy that affects the head and give stoney feelings

3/ i forgot i was brewing, and for a long time… but the bitterness disapears as soon as it enters the mouth, so to speak.. that floral element is still very much dominant.

Lily, spearmint, leather, length and qi.

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