YS Wangong Autumn 2010

The broth of that YS tea is pale and kind of purple to begin with, it’s just a pasty water so i throw the rinse away.

1/ The broth is now dark yellow. The wet leaves smell leather, grape or even wine, with a hint of cooking oil. The lengxiang has an appealing vinager. Some seducing yet non-invasive sour leather/grape aromas start filling the room.
It tastes quite bitter, not dark chocolate bitterness like bulangs can be, but surprisingly bitter. It is thin. the length blooms almost immediatly, the aftertaste will have lots of depth. Medium sweetness. It delivers some fast but short cooling effects in the mouth, somewhat above standards. Some bitterness settles at the back of the mouth. So far it’s dry: the astringency easily wins the game against the saliva, only the tip of the tongue will escape.
Very nice houyun that stay deep in the throat, it’s been quite some time since i’m having some good little retro-olfactive sensations.

2/ Still quite watery, the bitter taste is slightly less intense.
3/4/ The mouthfeel is now thicker and pretty textured. the tea is still dry; it’s becoming to taste rich and delicious. Sweetness is pretty low, no real huigan. The length is complex with some bitter-wood & tobacco layers and perhaps even smoked notes, top/mid taste has a sort of sophisticated sour mint along with a distant floral note and mushrooms, and it’s becoming more vegetal at round 4. Some of that good sourness will remain and help promoting the salivation a little. The aftertaste has several kind of tobacco layers i would say. The whole is not 2d at all.

5/ (perhaps 6…) That was not a continuous session, and i’ve pushed the tea, so it’s already starting to be less interesting. Regarding the energy there was something perhaps hypnotic, but nothing crazy.

The day after that wangong still has plenty of flavors, and some decent sweetness and aftertaste to offer. It’s perfect for the morning, although it is still very dry, fortunately this dryness does not last forever. The hypnotic qi is more obvious than the day before, and takes me by surprise…

That tea was lazy at the beginning, but it ended providing the touch of sophistication i was looking for.
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