Gender Pay Gap?

Few will know the true details of what happened behind closed doors at Channel 9 and the contract renewal discussions for Lisa Wilkinson. All however can and should speculate that the gender pay gap was a point of contention. Two co-hosts, both highly experienced, both with impressive media pedigrees, both responsible for winning over audiences and ratings for various periods over a considerable number of years. Arguably, it has been Wilkinson in recent times who has steadied the Today Show ship and provided continuity and trusted, likeable appeal at a time when viewers turned their backs on the program, when her co-host was under fire. Whether Wilkinson walked out to make a stand, or she had just had enough, whether it was time for a change in direction or whether she just had the guts (and let’s be serious, also the financial freedom) to say F-You guys, I am worth what he is ….can be left only to speculation. Australia desperately needed a high profile, highly paid, well respected professional to bring the issues many women are facing, at all levels and in all sectors to the table so publicly. So thank you and cheers to you @lisawilkinson$200,000/9058950?pfmredir=sm