Announcement of Delayed pre-sale

First of all, we sincerely thank you for your interest and enthusiasm to our Pukao Global. Thanks to such enthusiasm, we will do our best to make sure that the listing and other follow-up measures are carried out smoothly.

1. About postponement decision of pre-sale promotion schedule

we will tell you about the company’s position on pre-sale related announcements. Please note that we have temporarily decided to postpone the pre-sales scheduled in September. We have concerned a lot about the prolonged deterioration of the market situation due to the slump in Bitcoin and other altcoin such as Etherium, and fluctuating prices with large gap.
We are now facing many difficulties to solve, including the damage of participated institutions and the protection of new investors. In particular, there arises a need to review a variety of suggestions from people
The pre-sale announcement was postponed around 8/27 (Mon), and we watched it until 9/9 (Sun) in accordance with the internal opinion to observe the market environment. The market is still unstable and we have finally decided to postpone the pre-sale for a while. We would be sincerely appreciated for the patience of the participants that they have shown so far.
If the market is judged to be more stable, we will announce the pre-sale again. If you are interested in participating our project despite of this situation, please contact us at with including contact information and name.

2. About the distribution of EDR solution for currently participating organizations

The damage caused by the hacking attacks is being received nowadays, and it is necessary to take measures against the hacking. As a result, we decided to release EDR security solutions for Windows PCs from today.
We will actively deal with hacking attacks. The target of the distribution is organizations those who participated more than 5 ETH. Only simple installation is needed.

Way to participate in 
1 ) Requests and inquiries from participating organizations
2) E-mail directly to (Except for those who already received)

If you write down Name, Contact number, amount of participated ether, we will send you the program by e-mail.
Thank you for your support.

Kwon Seok-Chul, president of Pukao Global