Hi-tech information, held seminar of Prevent Hacking of Cryptocurrency Exchange

A security seminar will be held at the Mercure Ambassador Hotel in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul on November 11 to find a new solution to the hacking that has been under way in recent years. In this seminar, the first domestic meetings jointly organized by the Korea M & A Center and high-tech information, experts from the cryptographic and security industry will be gathered in one place to diagnose the state of security management of the exchange that has recently come to the fore and to discuss information exchange and solution.

The seminar is based on the issue of the ‘Cryptocurrency exchanges’ security accident is an irreparable disaster’, brought up by the Korea Block Chain Association. According to this agenda, the official event begins with the main lecture addressed by Kwon Seok-chul, the CEO of CuvePia, with the topic of ’a cyber war with hackers: if you cannot defend, detect and set a trap!’.

After several following up lectures, there would be a discussion with various of security experts about the security of the currency exchange, especially the problems related to hacking, and exchange information.

In addition, the participants of the seminar, Crypto Exchange Security Officers, will organize forums in the future to exchange information such as new trends in security and in-depth analysis, and setting up a policy to raise the level of security in the industry by establishing strategies for blocking hacking fundamentally. Attention is being paid to the future of the forum.

Yoo Seok-ho of the Korea M & A Center said, “It is very unfortunate that the entire cryptographic industry is subject to distrust due to hacking and security issues.” He also said “Through the security workshops targeted to exchange, we hope it will be possible to contribute to the creation of safe and trustworthy cryptographic investment ecosystem.”

Original source : http://www.nspna.com/news/?mode=view&newsid=305156, http://www.venturesquare.net/768006