Link Box and Pukao Global Signs MOU with Block Chain Industry Development Strategy

On September 3, LinkBox and PUKAO GLOBAL signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) as a strategic partner in block-chain technology.

Pukao Global is a block-chain company that provides new security solutions to cryptographic exchanges and personal wallets to cope with the increasing number of hacking accidents in increasing exchanges and personal wallets.

EDU and Flu-Fake are key security solutions of Pukao Global. Unlike existing security systems that respond late after a hacking accident, Pukao EDR solution detects and responds to hacking threats in real time. PKO’s Flu-Fake is a technology to replace the original sensitive data file that hackers are attempting to steal with an arbitrary ‘fake’ data file, making it impossible for an attacker to see the contents of the data.

Linkbox is a project to develop ‘LINKYWALLET’, a mobile block chain platform, which aims to provide 5 big concepts such as
△solving the inconvenience of coin transaction
△enhancing the security capability to prepare for hacking
△providing asset management service at a glance
△providing portfolio of assets held
△Airdrop(Mobile Drop) service.

Ryu Hyun, the CEO of LinkBox, said “Our goal is to provide consumers with stable access to air drop functions and asset management through intuitive wallet platform with necessary functions in it. I am glad to be able to announce Linky Wallet loaded with complete security solution from Pukao Global.

He also said about the direction where they are heading for.”We will have strategic cooperation with Pukao Global not only with simple platform technology but also with domestic block chain technology development.”
Kwon Seok Chul, president of Pukao Global, said, “Our goal is to build a virtuous cycle of ecosystem by solving the information security threats in the cryptographic market and improving the level of security. We just took a step towards our goal by this agreement.”

Both representatives agreed that they will build a cooperative system for establishing a blockchain ecosystem that continuously develops with the domestic and foreign blockchain enterprises and organizations.

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