[Rising Coin of August] Pukao, A New Paradigm of security

Security is an important issue in the block chain industry. Many companies put all their technologies to cultivate secure exchanges and wallets. However, incessant attacks from hackers, some of them are even unknown(such as malicious code), are stealing information and also private keys from user’s devices(PC,Mobile). It is a helpless to use methods such as cold wallet and net separation.

Kwon Seok-chul, CEO of Pukao Global, participated in the “12th Block Chain Symposium: Token Economy” hosted by Sinko on November 25, saying, “The existing security solution is based on defense but there is no alternative if hackers came into.” ”Hackers can do everything what they want after they entered,” he explained.

“We cannot stop hackers”, Kwon emphasized. “We just let them in. Of course, it doesn’t mean we just let them to steal all information from devices. Our new security solution monitors and even traces back where those attacks come from.”

If you install Pukao Global EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) on your PC, it will monitor all commands. If it detected any hacking attacks, like CCTV on PC, it traces back in real time. Hackers come into with mind at ease cause there’s no defensive program.

Then the Flu-Fake technology works. The data will be replaced with any fake data when it is leaked to the outside. It doesn’t affect to the speed because it is not an encryption / decryption method. This allows you to keep security data on your personal wallet or exchange.

Kwon also introduced an ecosystem to promote industrial development by sharing hacking occurrence information and improve information security awareness. When a user provides data generated by EDR from his PC to PukaO Global, he provides a self-issued PKO coin as compensation. In addition, when threat data is generated from a hacker, additional compensation is paid.
Users can purchase personal wallets or security solutions using PKO coins and use them as a payment method in future global marketplaces.

A PKO wallet is also planned. Based on EDR and Flu-Fake technology, it provides a key-value defense solution and an encrypted DB security solution. Pukao Global will offer security solutions and wallets for free if you purchase PKOs over 5 ETH. They will also develop a mainnet that enhances speed, security and convenience.

“We approach the paradigm different from existing security”, Kwon said. “We will strive for building security-enhanced cryptographic ecosystem.”

Original source : http://www.blockchainnews.co.kr/news/view.php?idx=1858