Strategic business agreements of Bytom and PUKAO GLOBAL

Bytom, representative asset public blockchain project of China, and PUKAO Global, cryptocurrency security professional company in Korea, have signed a strategic agreement on security and technology at ‘World Blockchain Summit, MARVELS night’ VIP party, held by ‘KOREA CEO Summit’ at Conrad Hotel on September 19th.

Bytom, a platform cryptocurrency and also protocol, is China’s leading block-chain enterprise that supports to connect and interact with real and virtual assets of the economy. In order to develop the Bytom ecosystem and to discover excellent developers, they are touring all over China where block-chain talents are concentrated and are holding developer competitions.

Bytom announced smart contract function based on UTXO in last August, went one step forward to build a platform that is close to real life and commercialized,

PUKAO Global is a blockchain company proposing a new paradigm of security solution for cryptocurrency exchanges and personal wallet to react the continuous hacking issues towards them. Kwon Seok-chul, President of PUKAO Global, is also a president of a computer security program developing company, Cuvepia. He is an advisor to large and small security related issues in Korea and he is leading PUKAO Global with abundant and professional technology and know-how such as development of anti-virus software ViRobot, Cyber ​​Command Advisor, information security white hacker for 20 years and complete understanding of virus and vaccine.

Yoon Ju-Chul, president of BYTOM Korea, said about the subsequent direction.

“Bytom has been focused on technology development and Chinese market so far. However, from the second half of this year, we have entered into the Korean market in earnest to establish office, recruitment, localization, community management, marketing and listing exchanges. Bytom will continuously work on listing exchanges and promotion including activation of communication between Korea and China.”

Both representatives agreed to cooperate with other domestic and foreign blockchain company and institutions, improving an awareness of security and technology to establish healthy secure blockchain ecosystem.

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