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A Hope for the Future

“Pull Quotes” of a 4 Year Old: Weeks 41-42

photos by daddy

When she wakes up tomorrow morning, the world will be different. My daughter will rise early, as usual, but she won’t enjoy a hearty start with mom and dad at our breakfast place in town. Both of us won’t drop her at school and head to town hall to voice our hope for her future.

The world around us will be changed, but nothing within our little family unit will. Kindness and caring will still fill in our hearts. Our laughter and connection — to each other and those close to us—will certainly still be there. Love will still (and always) be love. No one can take that from us.

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Enjoy these “Pull Quotes” from weeks past:

Monday, Oct 8

“Baby penguins aren’t supposed to go in the water because it’s too cold for them.”

Tuesday, Oct 9

“Mommy skipped the end.”

Wednesday, Oct 10

“I’m singing a song you have to learn. Winner winner, chicken dinner…”

Thursday, Oct 11

“Daddy, if you have fire on your shirt, you have to stop, roll over.”

Friday, Oct 12

“I can’t wait for the were-puppy!”

Saturday, Oct 13

“Raise your hand if you like chocolate. Raise your hand if you don’t like chocolate.”

Sunday, Oct 14

(catching/popping bubbles) “Hunt!… hunt!…”

Monday, Oct 15

Mommy: You gonna be a good listener for daddy?
Daddy: Totally.
Daughter: I said Turtle-ly.

Tuesday, Oct 16

“Speaking of hugs, can you join in?”

Wednesday, Oct 17

“I wish I was a cloud. So I could see everything.”

Thursday, Oct 18

“I think he was typing on his phone and he made traffic.”

Friday, Oct 19

“Sometimes when you eat magic, you get sick.”

Saturday, Oct 20

Daddy: Do you know how much daddy loves you?
Daughter: Sure.

Sunday, Oct 21

“I dreamed that I was a cowgirl.”

I am sunsetting this publication’s bi-weekly stories. The holidays are approaching and I want more and more to simply enjoy my time with my daughter. Not that documenting this journey hasn’t been incredible, it is just a good place to close this chapter.

I will continue to write about her (likely for the rest of my life). I may even share special updates from her here in the future. But as of now, this will be the closing “Pull Quotes.” I hope you enjoyed, please do revisit the previous stories (listed below). Jump back to the very, very start: “Pull Quotes” of a 2 Year Old: Week 1. (Yep, started at 2!!)

My best to you and your family’s future, thanks for sharing in a part of mine.

(hitherto and furthermore “Daddy”)

family portrait by the artist

If you’re happy and you know it, and you really wanna show it… 👏🏽

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