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Interview with My 4 Year-Old Daughter

Legally-Binding Release Agreement Signed by Parent/Guardian (Me)

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Daddy: Do you want to do an interview with daddy?
Daughter: I’m just doing a ladder for the pool.

Yeah, but… can daddy interview you?
I’m just doing a slide thing.

I know, you’re making a great slide there.
I’m just making a [elongating the word as she draws it] laaaa…dder right here, so they can go like this “wheeee!”

Oh, they can slide into the pool. That sounds good.
So they can go a-bump at the end like this…

Okay. Can I interview you while you do your drawing?

Can I interview you while you draw?

So daddy’s going to do some “Pull Quotes,” remember how I did it when you were 2? No, okay, good. Well, daddy’s going to write down things you say all year long and put them on the Internet. Is that okay?

It’s okay if daddy makes you look silly?

Or funny?

Or serious?
Just silly, daddy.

Just silly?
I’m silly.

You ARE silly. You’re very silly. Daddy loves you very much, you know that?
[sound of drawing]

Hopefully one day, you can read [audible gas] you can look back… did you just fart?
[giggles] Yes!

[Both laugh.]
‘Scuse me.

Okay. Well, yeah, one day you can look back on these quotes and read them and laugh and you’ll be like “Daddy, thank you for taking these quotes down.” Right?
[sound of drawing]

What do you think?
[sigh, likely from focused drawing, not incessant questioning] Uh-huh.

I think…
I did a little umbrella so it can go over when it’s raining.

Okay, just for legal reasons, I need you to state your name and say it’s okay for daddy to record you…
It’s okay.

Okay, thank you. That’ll hold up in court. Alright, I love you..
[sighs, sound of drawing]

I love you…
There was… this is part of the ‘brella, so it can cover like it’s fixed.

Okay, thanks.
…for you. This is special for you, tiger. [I should have noted I wore a tiger ears headband from when we were playing earlier.]

Okay. I love you…
[underbreath] loveyoutoo… HI, MOMMY! We are… don’t look at this picture!

referenced drawing by 4 Year Old and daddy (circle & waves)


Signed: Ernio Hernandez
Date: January 1, 2018

“Pull Quotes” of a 4 Year Old officially launched Jan. 15 and appears bi-weekly: (follow for all updates, letters and bonus features)

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