“Pull Quotes” of a 2 Year Old: Week 1

…The Musical!

I’m quoting my daughter for posterity. (I believe—and I am chronologically certain — the children are our future.) Follow along if you’d like.

Friday Jan 1

“Frosty the Shaman, daddy happy soul.”

Saturday Jan 2

Wife & I: (singing) “You are the sunshine of my life…”
Daughter: No.

Sunday Jan 3

Me: Are you going to sing to Minnie?
Daughter: (touching her throat) La, la, la…

Monday Jan 4

(Singing Adele in the car:) Hello…… side…

Tuesday Jan 5

Me: (singing) Somewhere beyond the sea…
Daughter: No thank you, daddy.

Wednesday Jan 6

(after I finish reading her a book before bed:) “Thee end.”

Thursday Jan 7

“I did it!”
(actually, a big moment: a little pee in the potty!)


Of course the daughter of two theatre majors opens the show with a full-on musical introduction. (And, rightfully so, does not want to share the spotlight.) Then, in true dramatic fashion, she brings down the curtain with a big finale.

If you’re happy and you know it,
and you really wanna show it…
hit the ♡ below.

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