“Pull Quotes” of a 2 Year Old: Week 26

…So You Think You Can Chat

We’re officially at the halfway point of the year and I cannot believe the growth of my daughter’s vocabulary, verbal skills and personality. She makes jokes (we have a running in-joke about whales that kills me every time)! Yikes, this gig is only going to get harder.

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Friday Jun 24

“Look look. That’s the baby. It’s SO cute. That’s the mommy. That’s the baby.” (two squirrels in the park)

Saturday Jun 25

“Sretching” (stretching)

Sunday Jun 26

Daughter: Good morning daddy.
Daddy: Hi baby, how was your morning?
Daughter: Good. How was your week?

Monday Jun 27

Daughter: They catch me.
Daddy: They caught you when you fell?
Daughter: Thank you, guys.

Tuesday Jun 28

(on toy phone) “Hello is Nana dere? (there) Hey, Nana. How ya’ doin’?”

Wednesday Jun 29

Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No.
Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No.
Daughter: I go see baseball game?
Daddy: No…*

(*note: we were leaving the playground, when this is an actual request in the future, it will never be refused)

Thursday Jun 30

“Bigdozers” (bulldozers)


It’s amazing to think back to when she was days old and I’d sing her “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and she’d just coo at me. Now, she’s forming words, sentences, and having full-on conversations with me. Her repetition can sometimes make me miss the old days, but then the other day she repeats “Daddy, I love you” and I want to curl up into the moment and live in there forever.

Holding ticket and baby on line for first movie in a theater! (also, not my foot)

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