“Pull Quotes” of a 2 Year Old: Week 7

…Pink Hearts and PinkEye

It was a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend with my little valentine, even though I think I, think I, see a pink eye, pink eye. Nonetheless, there was lots of love and some great wake-ups (see Tuesday) and one when she completely pulled off her diaper and wet the bed. Impromptu laundry day!

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Friday Feb 12

Mommy (as Prince Eric): How was your day?
Daughter (as Ariel): Pretty good.

Saturday Feb 13

I’m a big girl.

Sunday Feb 14

Marching-marching, marching-marching…

Monday Feb 15

Leabe it dere. (Leave it there)

Tuesday Feb 16

(offers hand) Kissy hand. (other hand) Kissy hand. (purses lips) Kisses.

Wednesday Feb 16

Poh ta dot. (polka dot)

Thursday Feb 17

(daddy sneezes) Bless you, daddy.


Bless me indeed. I am. (as the hashtag goes #blessed). If you didn’t catch my rundown of her first theatre experience last week, check it out in Happiness Weekly. And if you’ve missed any of these hilarious histories, catch up here:

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