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What It Actually Means To Be Pro Choice

Yes, rape or possible death are valid reasons for having an abortion, but any situation should reasonable. Ranking rationale implicitly says, “you don’t have the right to choose. The state will choose for you.”

// “Feminology; a guide for womankind, giving in detail instructions as to motherhood, maidenhood, and the nursery” circa 1902

Conversations were sparse until I went to computer class. That’s where I met him. His name was Eddie.

By the first day of fall, my period hadn’t come, so I asked his mother what she thought that meant.

A seventeen-year-old pregnant granddaughter was outside of their equation.

An abortion ensured I never was.

That is punishment sanctioned by someone else’s idea of morality.



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K E Garland

award-winning writer, contributor to All the Women in My Family Sing, blogger, author of The Unhappy Wife and Daddy, and Assistant Prof of Education