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Retiring pieces of a design system

Retiring components

🗑→ 🙈

1. Move the contents of _component.millhouse.scss into _deprecated.styles.scss

/* -------------------------------------------------------------- *\04/07/2016 - Paul Stanton_component.millhouse.scssMillhouse component replaced by Nelson component.\* -------------------------------------------------------------- */.millhouse { ... }

2. Communicate the change

@warn '_component.millhouse.scss has been deprecated and needs to be removed from your main pulsar.scss file. UAT teams should not treat this as a build failure. (Stanton, 04/07/2016)'
The result of the @warn message in terminal

3. Remove the @import from the product

4. Remove the .millhouse code from _deprecated.styles.scss

5. 🎉



The product design team at Jadu

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