Which accessibility testing tool should you use?

Paul Stanton
May 17, 2018 · 11 min read

Starting our test

Our sign-in UI, about to be put through its paces

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Inspecting the red icon in the UI leads me to the related element (the `.signin-brand` image, missing an `alt` attribute


aXe Browser Extension

The highlight button does a much better job of showing the element related to the violation

WCAG Accessibility Audit Developer UI

I uninstalled this one.

SiteImprove Accessibility Checker

Very similar results to aXe, although that aria-atomic is a new one! (review issues are filtered out)


Pretty much the same results as the others, nicely presented with markup examples.

The scores on the accessible doors?

The fixes

aXe = No violations 🎉

WAVE = no errors, no alerts 🎉

Lighthouse = no errors 🎉

SiteImprove 💥

The ‘Enter your username and password’ alert is an element with role=”alert”

Tenon.io 💥



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