Navigating the Service Design Terrain


From design to delivery: the Pasikola

Pulse Lab Jakarta recently participated in a service design initiative to develop a citizen-centric public transportation service in Makassar. Following the initiative, which was undertaken along with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Bursa Pengetahuan Kawasan Timur Indonesia (BaKTI), we chronicled our learnings on taking an idea from a design sprint to a ready-to-test prototype. Contextualised to help inform stakeholders working with or within the public sector, this resulting toolkit is useful for developing and delivering similar services.

As development practitioners, we conduct a myriad of projects that vary in subject matter as well as methodology. At the Lab, we’ve tested projects using different approaches, including big data analytics, service design and human-centered design. Understanding the enabling environment of a particular project is necessary for effective development and delivery of service. This includes considering factors such as the social and political contexts and the relevant stakeholders in the network. Yet, navigating these terrains can be complicated and demands extensive amount of time and effort.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a guiding framework to help simplify some of these processes — in a practical and efficient way. This toolkit provides a bird’s eye view of the challenges stakeholders are likely to encounter, and outlines crucial tasks that need to be considered in order to ensure a top-quality service design and an effective delivery model. It is hoped that this toolkit will steer the innovation process for conceptualising service design projects: moving from problem identification to tangible concepts, and from concepts to tested pilots.

Below is the toolkit in all its glory:

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