Colloqumotion Midyear Recap in Videos


In January, Pulse Lab Jakarta kicked off its inaugural Colloqumotion, a monthly sharing session featuring academics, analysts and domain experts interested in development issues, data science, human intelligence, and indeed their crossovers. With five fascinating and research-inspiring talks already taken place, we’ve had a chance to dialogue with speakers from different walks of life on several topics ranging from Monitoring Your Garbage with Big Data to our most recent edition on Music Cities and Economic Development.

Although initially organised for the United Nations country team and its partners in Indonesia, based on several requests and feedback from our friends across the data ecosystem, we decided to open up the invitation to the public. All in all, it’s been an engaging series thus far, but we understand that attending every session might not be possible. So, we’ve been compiling a bunch of post-event recap videos for others who cannot attend.

In all their full glory, here they are.

We hope you enjoy watching and don’t forget to subscribe, like and share. The next talk will take place on June 25th on the Sustainability of Coral Reefs, see you there!

Music Cities and Economic Development (May)

Urban Health for the Elderly (April)

Archaeology and Humanity’s Story (March)

Data Privacy and Law (February)

Monitoring Your Garbage with Big Data (January)

Pulse Lab Jakarta is grateful for the generous support of the Government of Australia.



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