Research Dive for Development: Trade and Competitiveness Call for Applications

One of the final presentations at the research dive for development on SDGs.

Pulse Lab Jakarta is hosting its fourth research dive for development from 6th to 9th August in Jakarta, with the theme of trade and competitiveness. We are searching for economists and industrial engineers from across Indonesia who are keen to work as part of a team to dive into various datasets. The super-simple call for expressions of interest is now open (it only takes two minutes).

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to create new industries as well as transform legacy sectors, it is important for Indonesia to acquire more sophisticated productive capabilities. The upcoming research dive for development on trade and competitiveness hopes to make a contribution to this cause by enhancing the familiarity of researchers with alternative datasets, as well as sourcing insights on maritime infrastructure improvements, trade connectivity, and e-commerce.

Across three and a half days, from 6th to 9th August, researchers will dive into data from global marine vessel automatic identification systems, an e-commerce platform, and international postal network data. Applicants can pitch to be placed in one of four research tasks:

  • Task 1: Analysis of port network connectivity, national or ASEAN-wide, using global marine vessel automatic identification system data;
  • Task 2: Analysis of inter-city connectivity in Indonesia, using e-commerce data;
  • Task 3: Analysis of proxies in e-commerce data for city-level and national economic trends and shocks;
  • Task 4: Analysis of correlations between postal network data and trade network data within ASEAN;

We are looking for 15 mid-career Indonesian researchers with some of the following qualifications:

  • Researchers with a postgraduate degree (Master) with (a) two to seven years of relevant research or teaching experience in areas related to the research tasks and (b) two or more scientific/ technical publications; or,
  • Researchers pursuing doctoral degree in economics or industrial engineering/logistics, with two or more scientific/technical publications in fields related to the research tasks; or,
  • Researchers with doctoral degree in related disciplines but no more than six years research experience post-doctorate.

For more information on the format of the event, please refer to our website:

Potential applicants are advised to carefully read the information package on the event, in particular the eligibility of candidates and the documents required as part of an application. We are look forward to your applications!

Pulse Lab Jakarta is grateful for the generous support from the Government of Australia.