Top 5 Videos Of March 2017

YouTube is usually in a downtrend in Q1 of the year, but that doesn’t mean that I stopped making quality content for all of Da Squad. From pro wrestling matches in hell to saving Gotham from The Joker, here are my top 5 videos that I created in March 2017.

5. Fable Anniversary Part 1 | HERO OF ALBION… OR VILLAIN?! (Throwback Attack)

Fable was one of my favorite games growing up. I never owned the game myself, but almost all of my friends did & I had some great memories going over to their houses & just being super evil with all my decisions. Over 10 years later… and well, not much has changed in my decision making.

4. WWE 2K17 My Career Mode Ep 68 | R FREAKIN TRUTH?!

While WWE 2K17 started off fine, I won’t lie that the game can sometimes become very… tedious, especially MyCareer mode. Sometimes though, you find some diamonds in the rough & that’s what this video was. R Truth gives us the match of a lifetime in the main event of Hell in a Cell.

3. WWE Day of Reckoning Story Mode Ep 7 ENDING | WRESTLEMANIA MAIN EVENT

Maybe one of my favorite series that I’ve ever done on my channel, the ending of WWE Day of Reckoning was a doosy — doozy? One of those is right. Triple H lives up to his infamous past as he just absolutely refuses to put us over, but in the end, Falcon always goes over.

2. My WWE 2K17 Universe — MATCH IN HELL — SAFW #7

I feel like this iteration of Universe Mode on WWE 2K17 is majorly slept on by a bunch of people. Maybe because I am going outside the box for a lot of these storylines? I mean this one features Tye Dillinger facing Death in hell for a chance to be the #1 contender for the SAFW TV Championship. Even if this series isn’t popping off, I’m very proud of what I accomplished with the game I was given.

  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum Part 1 | WELCOME TO THE ASYLUM

Topping off the list is the first video that I created on my new channel — Pulse In Progress. Why is it called that? Because this channel was helping me find my future as a content creator. This is me re-discovering who I am as a creator after years of being pegged as the wrestling guy. The first video I uploaded was part 1 of a Batman Arkham Asylum let’s play — a game that came out over half a decade ago. I didn’t have super expectations for it, but it performed better than I ever could have imagined & helped push my new venture forward.

Do you agree with my top 5 for March 2017? While these might be my favorite, you could have different favorites for the month — or maybe you agree with some of my picks. I would love to hear from you! Leave a response down below or @ me on Twitter! Remember to press the heart below if you enjoyed the article.

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