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Week #3 One Michelin Star: Jeju Noodle Bar in West Village

This restaurant had been on my bucket list for so long. It’s a well-known one Michelin star Korean ramen place in New York. Probably the best one! And yes, I could say this was the best ramyun place in the western world.

(Top-left to bottom-right) Wagyu Ramyun, Gochu Ramyun, Truffle Kong Guk Soo, Vegetable Neng-Myun

It was so hard to get reservations. I had to look at Resy every day to check out the available slot. But, it was worth the effort!

Once I came in, the interior was very modern and lit. The place wasn’t that big, but they successfully merged modern western-style and Korean touches. The ambiance made you feel like you were in a top fancy restaurant even though the prices weren’t highly expensive for a one-star Michelin.

Started with Toro Ssam Bap (fatty tuna, scrambled egg, tobiko rice, toasted seaweed, and kaluga caviar). Oh boy, this was heaven! The fatty tuna, caviar, and everything were just melting in my mouth. No comments were needed. It might look simple, but the combination of all these ingredients was..purely bliss!

Toro Ssam Bap
Toro Ssam Bap

Since I’m a pescatarian, I didn’t try the Wagyu Ramyun and Gochu Ramyun. But my friends said they were the best ramyun they ever had. The tastes were so thick, but still had good balances between the soup, the noodles, and the meat.

For me, the Truffle Kong Guk Soo was the highlight! This was one of the very few foods that could make me “mmmmmhhmmm”-ing the entire time while eating in silence because I didn’t want anyone to disturb me and my food. Sovdelightfully good!

The truffle was really the star, as there was no other taste overpowering it. It was light and simple, but the taste built up every time I slurped it. I seriously didn’t want to leave any soup left. To me, it was so interestingly good. I didn’t expect the taste was that light, but it made me hooked!

Truffle Kong Guk Soo

Overall, this was one of the best decisions I made in my life. An unforgetable Korean ramyun experience!

See ya next week! 🍜



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