Pumpkin’s Adventures — Intro

Little Pumpkin Learns about Life

Cartoon image of pumpkin child with wide eyes, a smile, and outstretched arms, with pink flowers at stem. A dragonfly is above and beside her. The words “Pumpkin’s Adventures” are below the character.
Image copyright Pumpkin’s Adventures

Pumpkin is a fictitious child who’s learning the ways of the world. She’s full of emotions and curiosity. Her inquiries and astute awareness are filled with insight and wisdom, sometimes humour, misunderstandings or assumptions…oh, from the mouths of babes. Children can be teachers to us all.

Her family and friends make appearances as well, with their own learnings, teachings and perspectives.

Some of these stories are suitable for children. Others are written with adult language. Please review each story before sharing it with little ones.

Welcome to Pumpkin’s Adventures. 🎃

Photo of a mug on a wooden table, against an off-white wall. The mug is black with a pumpkin on the front, and reads “Good Morning Pumpkin.” The inside of the mug is orange, and the mug is filled and topped with mini marshmallows.
Photo by Bella Reyna



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Bella Reyna

Bella Reyna


Imperfect human, learning through life. Exploration. Mistakes. Lessons. Transformation. Healing. ~ Relationships. Non-monogamy. Life. Love. Family. Creativity.